Footpath News

Barton Stacey Footpath is Diverted

Thanks to pressure from Andover Ramblers and our local MP Kit Malthouse, the footpath in Barton Stacey (Footpath 2) that crosses the rifle range has been diverted and extended. This path has a history of being almost invariable closed for various reasons over at least the last 6 years. The diversion will mean that not only will the path be open all through the year, but it will now join the rest of the right-of-way network at a more convenient point at its southern end. Also, anyone wanting to walk down the southern half of ‘The Street’ in Barton Stacey to where it meets the A30 now has an off-road option.

Credit should be given to the MOD and the Countryside Division of Hampshire County Council for their good work processing and implementing the change, including waymarking and the erection of four kissing gates along the route.

Report by David Clark, Footpath Secretary