Path Patrol Volunteers



We aim to have a core of helpers who can be called on from time to time when this valuable work needs doing. You may already be a footpath rep or simply feel that you would like to contribute.

The actual work is not heavy and can be as varied as checking waymarking and replacing waymarking discs, minor clearing or even repairing stiles and gates.

In the last year 2017 - 2018 the group has done the following:

Put in 2 sleeper bridges on Kingsclere FP75.

  •  Put in a sleeper bridge on Oakley FP15.
  •  Put in a sleeper bridge on Sherborne St John FP15.
  •  Put in a sleeper bridge on Silchester FP17.
  •  Cleared vegetation on Baughurst FP31.
  •  Cleared vegetation on Steventon FP2.
  •  Cleared vegetation on Monk Sherborne FP12.
  •  Installed a wooden gate on a permissive path bypassing the dangerous road            crossing on Oakley FP6.
  •  Put in a sleeper bridge on Hartley Wespall FP3.
  •  Cleared vegetation on Baughurst BR1 and FP3.
  •  Cleared vegetation on Kingsclere FP67b, part of the Brenda Parker Way.
  •  Cleared vegetation on Sherborne St John FP1, a big job which took 2 visits.

The  group meets on the second Thursday of each month.