AGM Minutes


The Ramblers   Hampshire Area – Romsey Group


Held on Tuesday 10 November 2020 via Zoom because of COVID-19

About 20 members viewed the meeting

1.             Apologies                  Sheila Caine

2.             Minutes of last meeting

                The minutes were accepted as a true record.  

                                                                                          Proposed. Paul Dawkins Seconded                                                                                                                      Noel  Boulting.

3.             Matters arising

                There were no matters arising.

4.             Chairman’s report

                The Chairman reported that activities were much reduced compared with last year because of  COVID-19. At present because of COVID-19 uncertainty and lack of leaders it was not possible to produce a written programme. Since the end of July, a monthly programme has been posted on the Group web site. This will continue. Mike Arney was retiring from the          Committee and was thanked for all his hard work on the committee since 1991.

5.             Treasurer’s report

                . See attached report Appendix 1

                General Account                  711.22

                Social Account                   903.22

                Balance at bank b/f           1614.44

Account acceptance was proposed by Paul Dawkins and seconded by Brian Giles.

6.          Walking Environment Officer’s report

                See attached Appendix 2

7.          Footpath Officer’s report

                See attached Appendix 3

8.           Access Officer’s report

               See attached report. Appendix 4

9.            Election of Officers                 

                         The committee for 2018/19 were voted on bloc with unanimous acceptance.         

                                                       Proposed by Bryan Bayliss and seconded by Sheila Holmes.    

10.          Appointment of Auditor

Ann Sheppard was appointed as auditor. Proposed by Bryan Bayliss and seconded by                                                                                              Paul Dawkins.

11.          AOB

              There was no other business. The meeting was followed by a talk by Tom Radford on a visit to Peru.

12.          Date and time of next meeting

                This would be announced in a future Programme depending on room availability, but would be early November. (Now confirmed as Tuesday 9 November in Crosfield Hall Romsey)

 Appendix 1

Treasurers Report for Romsey Ramblers AGM for 2019-20 .

Year end 30 September 2020.

Impact of Covid-19 

During 2020 there has been a lot of changes due to the impact of Covid-19. The walk programme to be issued for July to October 2020 was cancelled, many social events and meetings cancelled or transferred to online using ZOOM. In the coming year there could be reduced income from Ramblers Holidays due to member holidays and advertisements.

General Account 2019-20  

Let me start with the General account for 2019-20 which is used for organising walks as well as all our work to maintain Rights of Way over the 26 parishes in our area.Our opening balance was £524 and closing balance £711 which is an increase of £187.

For2019-20 we received £800 from area (was £700 in 2018-19) with £120 from Ramblers Holidays plus £80 for their advertisements in our programs giving a total income of £1,000. Our main expenditure was £518 on walk programs without the issue of our last program for July to October. Other expenditure was £45 on walk leader training, £156 campaignsincluding  survey work, £26 AGM and £68 committee meeting. No expenditure on footpath practical work but perhaps this was included in the “campaign” work. This gave a total expenditure of £813. We might get a refund from our reduced use of the Crosfield Hall which must now be included in the accounts for 2020-21.

Social Account 2019-20

Now for the social account for 2019-20 which is used to maintain social interact between our members including those no longer able to attend group walks. Our opening balance was £1,025 and closing balance £903 a decrease of £122. Income from our Christmas Lunch was £790 and expenditure £802 a loss of £12 due to some confusion about the deserts which I would like to forget. Raffles income £63 expenditure £75 a loss of £12, refreshments at AGM of £8 and bank charges of £16 or 30p for each cheque put into our accounts. Also £74 spent on samples of Romsey Ramblers marked clothing. This makes our work on footpaths so much easier now everyone can see that we are part of the Romsey Ramblers. 

General Account Budget for 2020-21

Balance £711 in general account are based on a normal year as the future impact of Covid-19 is unknown. We have asked for £800 from area which with £120 from advertisements for Ramblers Holidays gives a possible income of £920. Possible expenditure for 2020-21 of £1,155 giving us a possible closing balance of £476 on 30 September 2021

Social Account Budget for 2020-21 

Balance £903 in social account maintain many social events in the coming year in spite of Covid-19 as this such social interaction are so important for all of our members of the Romsey Ramblers.

Approval by Auditor 

2018-19 accounts approved by the Auditor  

2019-20 accounts are now with the Auditor for approval. 

Appendix 2

Walking Environment Officer Report – 2019-2020

Since taking on the role of Walking Environment Officer in February, I have received notification of all planning applications and consultations from Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC).  Each application and consultation is checked for impact on our Rights of Way and, where necessary, comments made formally to TVBC. Among applications requiring comment have been: -

Woodington Farm, East Wellow – solar farm

Sadler’s Mill, Romsey - holiday lets

World of Water, Greatbridge Road, Romsey – development of visitor centre and offices

The Hollow, Broughton - new access

New Park Farm, Over Wallop – change of use to residential.           

Appendix 3

Footpath Officer Report for Annual General Meeting 2020

This year has been difficult, to say the least, since March.  HCC basically shut down and stopped all volunteer work.  Rambler walks were halted and confusing advice was issued from various ‘official’ organisations.However, three footpaths were inspected in June and July at the request of HCC and blockages cleared.  A report regarding a blockage on a footpath at Leckford was checked with the result being that a claim for a diversion has been made (the diversion has been used for a number of years).

A footpath in the Wallops has been signed (at the request of HCC) and a report has been returned to HCC requesting a fingerpost at the start of the footpath.

Evidently, there has been little ‘physical’ work carried out and we have been expecting this to change but changing Government advice may alter what we are allowed to do as the winter progresses.

Appendix 4                                          

Access Officer's    Report for AGM November 2020

In spite of the epidemic curtailing many Rambler FP activities over the year, some work has been achieved by various groups.The work of Access and Footpath over the years has been closely linked so hopefully there will not be too much repetition.

It was reported in June that Lockerley FP 7 had been inspected, at the request of HCC, in February.  A report was sent to Ria Loverridge who recently told us that Helen Barber was in charge of any work that may have to be done in this water meadow which needs long stretches of boardwalks.  It could be a costly job.

Reporting, yet again, on the condition of the Test Way through Squabb Wood, there seems to be no progress to the path improvement.  We have found that it is a complicated affair due to land ownership and other parties responsible for the footpath maintenance.

In respect to Squabb Wood, Romsey Ramblers been represented at bi-annual meetings with Raymond Brown Quarry Products, at Awbridge over the years.  This company has been very helpful with regard to assisting footpath work in this area. 

The Ramblers have also been represented at a meeting with the Ashfield developers.  This connection will be important if the Ramblers are to influence off road access from the new estate into town and the Rapids Leisure Centre.

A number of visits have been made to Leckford BOAT 3 where the end of this route is blocked.  However, a very well kept ‘walked route’ has been maintained beside Sandy Down Cottage to access the A30.    

A request has been made to HCC to make this a designated footpath.   Access to Stockbridge Down, via Fairview Farm, along the A30 is always dangerous and it was good to see that someone had cut the verge from Sandydown Cottage to the Fairview Farm side, which is always trimmed for the safety of walkers.  It is important to recognize those who help to keep our footpaths safe.

An on-site meeting was held with Roger Leech, ( the chair of the Romsey Society walking and cycling subcommittee) at Moore’s Farm, Abbotswood  in July to inspect RE FP11 with a view to gain support for the path’s improvement.  We await a report of any progress.

We were hoping for progress with extended boardwalks on FP9 which goes from The World of Water corner, along the Fishlake stream to Belbins, but the site meeting was cancelled due to illness from the HCC representative.  We hope to reconvene another meeting.

Pat Boulting