Path Maintenance

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Footpath Maintenance with Romsey Ramblers.


Stile Replacement

There are 26 parishes in the Romsey area and Romsey Ramblers assist Hampshire County Council with maintenance and improvement work in all of these parishes.

The work involves:

Path Inspection.              Systematic inspection work with faults and required improvements                                            reported to Hampshire C.C.

Footpath signs.               The erection of signposts and way marks where necessary.                            

Planning Applications.    Liaising with Test Valley Borough Council to ensure planning                                                     proposals are not detrimental to the enjoyment of footpaths.

Footpath clearance.         Maintenance of foot paths to remove obstructions and vegetation.                 

Footpath improvements. Replacement of stiles with kissing gates and the installation of                                                   boardwalks with material provided by Hampshire County Council.


If you would like to volunteer to  take part in any of these activities please contact Romsey Ramblers by pressing footpath work below: 

              Footpath work