a. Welcome to new members

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Welcome to new members of the Group

We are delighted to welcome new members to the group. If you are new to the Ramblers, you may have some concerns about going on your first walk. You may not know how to find the start point for the walk, or feel confident about your ability to keep up, or wonder how welcoming and friendly the established members of the group will be. Most of our leaders have several years' experience in the role, so if you have any concerns your first step should be to phone the leader to discuss the walk with him or her. The leader will be able to explain in detail what the walk will involve, how long it is expected to take, the type of terrain involved etc. He/she may be able to arrange for you to get a lift to the walk with someone who lives near you.

Contacting the leader does not mean that you must commit to go on the walk, it just puts you in a better position to decide if a particular walk is suitable for you. Many people find that after a few walks they meet people with whom they can share lifts to walks on a regular basis.

The important thing is to start getting involved and enjoy the wonderful countryside we have in our area.