Upcoming walks and what we hope to get back to

We have started a limited number of group led walks. We do not expect to develop a full programme for some time yet. We will review the situation as advice from Ramblers UK changes. For info and to ask to join Winchester Ramblers please contact by email 

Membership Secretary: membership@winchesterramblers.org.uk

either by copy/paste in your email system or via the link in the Contact our Committee page.

Walk start times were usually 9.15 am for the Sunday walks, 10 am for the Thurs 11, 9, 5+ mile and fast walks, and 10.30 am for Thurs 8, 5 and Weds 3 mile walks, but may vary, particularly at present. Please be there at least 10 minutes before the start time. For more information contact the walk leader via the information given in the GWEM notice at bottom right. Some walks are now on GWEM. You will have to contact the organiser shown on GWEM. Do not just turn up as you will have to be turned away.


Day : AllDay (AD) or HalfDay (HD): start time : Distance (miles) : (Start area)

We would normally have walks along the following lines.

Sun AD : 9.15am : 10 miles

Tues HD : 11.00 : 2.5 to 5 miles in small groups

Wed HD : 10.30 : 3

Thu AD : 10.00 : 11

Thu AD : 10.00 : 9

Thu AD : 10.30 : 8

Thu HD : 10.30 : 5

Thu HD : 10.30 : 5+ (usually 5-7 miles)

Once a month we would run a picnic walk, which would cover about 12-14 miles but still finish by 3 to 3.30 pm, similar to the 11, 9 and 8 mile walks. On these days we also run a 10 mile walk instead of the 9 and 11 mile walks.

Hopefully we will soon resurrect a fuller walks programme, but for what we have at present see individual walks already posted see GWEM notices at bottom right.