3 Stile Journal

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Our Area journal, Stile, is published in June and December. It carries news items, articles and opinions on all aspects of walking in the Area. It is posted to all our 3,000+ members. Rights of Way officers at County Hall and other key people also receive a copy.

The recent editions are available in PDF form below:

Stile typically includes:

  • News of walking and social events within the Area.
  • Articles contributed by the Hertfordshire Rights of Way service, giving us the latest news and telling us of ways that volunteers can help.
  •  What is happening locally in Ramblers and affiliated groups in developing Rights of Way and protecting the countryside.
  • A walk route contributed by one of our members.
    Past walk routes are now available on this website - follow the Walk Routes link on the right.
  • Contact information for groups across the Area.

You will find some recent articles from Stile on the Rights of Way and Countryside pages.

Stile is edited by Justin Lumley with the help of a commissioning group set up by our Area Council. Please note that opinions expressed in the journal are not necessarily those of the Ramblers.

We are always looking for articles and relevant photographs.