Problem Reporting

It's worth reporting problems

This page gives information on how to report footpath problems in our Area.  It contains general information relevant to the entire Area and specific information on how to report problems in:

General Information

In Hertfordshire and the three London Boroughs footpath problems should be reported directly to the relevant council officers as only they have the authority to resolve them. Their contact details are on this page. This will get the fastest action. Blockages such as fallen trees can often be cleared within days - so if you find a problem on a recce for a walk you will be leading in a couple of weeks time, it may be resolved in time for your walk. 

Ideally they should also be reported to our District or Borough Footpath Secretary who will forward them to the relevant parish Footpaths Secretary for any necessary follow up.  For details, follow the link on the right to Our Footpath Secretaries.  Alternatively you can use the link “Report a path or access problem” on the side of this page, or the Pathwatch App on your phone, to report the problem to Ramblers Central Office. They pass the information to the relevant District Footpath Secretary.

Reports need to specify the nature of the problem and its location.  Have a look at our guide to identifying footpath problems PDF. Include a photo taken at the spot if you can.

Where possible identify the location with its grid reference (see Ramblers “Advice” tab at the top of this page, “navigation” section if you need help).  


Reporting Footpath Problems in Hertfordshire

When reporting problems in Hertfordshire it is helpful to identify the parish and path reference number. This information can be found by consulting the on-line version of the Definitive Map at[1:0,1,2,3,4]  Once you have zoomed in to the path you are interested in, click on it to see its Parish and Reference number.

Report Rights of Way problems in Hertfordshire except maintenance or obstruction issues  to:

Rights of Way Service, Herts County Council,
County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DN
Tel: 0300 1234047

For maintenance or obstruction issues except in Broxbourne & Dacorum, the RoW Officers prefer you to use their general problem reporting website. This will log the problem for them. The facility is primarily designed for reporting road problems, so you need to be a bit imaginative to record a right of way problem. Select ‘Rights of Way’, use a nearby road name to search for the location then pinpoint it on the map. You can give a more precise description including the footpath number found from the on-line Definitive Map and provide photos later in the report. Detailed guidance for filling in the on-line report form is available here.

In Dacorum report maintenance and obstructions, but not legal problems or path claims, to:

Clayton Rae, Dacorum Borough Council,
Cupid Green Depot, Redbourn Road,
Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7BA
Tel: 01442 228356

In Broxbourne report maintenance and obstructions, but not legal problems or path claims, to:

Engineering and Surveying Services, Broxbourne Borough Council,
Bishops College, Churchgate,
Cheshunt, EN8 9XB.
Tel:  01992 785577


Reporting Footpath Problems in Barnet

Report all Rights of Way problems in Barnet to:

Street Based Services,
Barnet Borough Council,
2 Bristol Avenue,
Colindale NW9 4EW
Email: to send a written description OR - allows you to pinpoint a problem on a map to show the exact location. Choose a "Park Problem" to enable you to pick a "footpath problem". You will need to register. 


Reporting Footpath Problems in Enfield

All Rights of Way problems in Enfield can be reported to:

Transport Policy Officer, Traffic and Transportation,
Enfield Borough Council, B Block North,
Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA.
Tel:  0208 379 3565

Email ROW maintenance issues to:
Email other ROW issues to: 
Or use the on line reporting system:


Reporting Footpath Problems in Haringey

Report all Rights of Way problems in Haringey to:

Frontline Business Support Team,
Haringey Council, River Park House,
High Road, Wood Green, London, N22 8HQ.
Tel: 020 8489 1335