5. Rights of Way - Don't Lose Your Way in Barnet

Barnet Footpath Group – Protecting our footpaths

Representatives from the Barnet Footpaths Group have recently had a couple of constructive meetings with Barnet Council. They had the opportunity to contribute recommendations for the draft Local Implementation Plan (LIP) to encourage the development of walking links across the Borough. The draft LIP is now available for public consultation, after which it will be submitted to TfL for funding. The Ramblers will be responding to the consultation, but if you would like to make your own personal comments, details of how to respond and our views on Barnet’s LIP are in this PDF.   You can read the full Local Implementation Plan document here: https://engage.barnet.gov.uk/Transport_Local_Plan

The consultation closes on 9th December.

Our next stage will be to produce a map of footpaths and alleys across the Borough with particular emphasis on historic routes. This will enable us to identify networks of walking routes linking with work, schools and public transport that should be prioritised for development, in addition to interesting leisure routes.

There is a possibility of getting funding for small projects on a short timescale, even within this financial year. An example could be drainage and soft surfacing of the permissive path running alongside Folly Brook to Southover by the Woodside Park Club, linking to Michleham Down and Chanctonbury Way.

If you have suggestions of historic ways that should be prioritised or local links that could be improved, please email hnmdontloseyourway@gmail.com.