North London & South Herts

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Group name: North London & South Herts

This group is a part of Hertfordshire & North Middlesex Area.

020 8959 4529

Most of our members live in Enfield, Barnet or Potters Bar. Living near the edge of London, we generally drive out to Hertfordshire or the Chilterns for our walks. Every Sunday, we run a long walk of around 11-14 miles, and share cars / offer lifts from High Barnet. We also lead a shorter walk each weekend, usually of 4-8 miles. The short walks are generally more local, or in London. On the second and fourth Wednesday mornings we have local leisurely social walks of a couple of hours.

Whether you want to come regularly or just from time to time, we’ll be glad to see you. We enjoy exercise, conversation, fresh air and nature on our walks. You can see our group walks at the side of this page, or click on the Contact link above to request  a copy of our full Newsletter and Walks Programme. Why not come on some walks to try them out!