Practical Details

Getting to Walks

For most of our walks we meet in a rural car park not necessarily accessible by public transport. Look at the full details of the walk you are interested in to see a map, postcode and grid reference for the start point. For the longer Sunday walks you can join us in a car park in High Barnet to share cars. Our custom is to give the driver a contribution to petrol of 5p per mile each way. You will see details of the meeting time and place in the walk listing if car sharing applies. For other walks you could try phoning the leader for help.

Gear to Bring

Walking boots, waterproofs, drink (for mid-morning breaks), packed lunch (full day walks) and a back pack to carry them in.

Get the Newsletter and full Walks Programme

Most of our walks are listed on this website – click on the links on the right. As a member of our group, we will send you our full Walks Programme plus our very own Newsletter every four months. In this you will find full details of our walks, Spring and Christmas restaurant meals, as well as the day long coach walks to places of interest. Members of other Ramblers Groups can also be on our mailing list. Send an Email for a copy.