Rights of Way

Do you care about the state of our paths? Our Group is in Herts and North Middlesex Area, where Rights of Way work is coordinated at the Area level, and some of us in the Group are very involved in this activity.

The paths and ways within our Group’s boundaries are monitored by three Footpath Secretaries:

  • Ian Hardy takes the overall coordinating role and is the District Footpath Secretary for the whole of Hertsmere and Welwyn Hatfield. He also looks after five parishes: Shenley, Ridge, South Mimms, Potters Bar and Northaw & Cuffley
  • Libby Martin is Footpath Secretary for Barnet, looks after Great and Little Gaddesden parishes near Hemel Hempsteadand, and is coordinating the “Don’t Lose Your Way” project for the Area
  • We are currently looking for a Footpath Secretary for Enfield. If you can help, please contact Ian, who is keeping an eye on Enfield in the meanwhile  

In addition, Francis and Mary Windle monitor the paths and ways in Essendon and Hartingfordbury parishes. Other Group members are Parish Secretaries for other parts of Hertfordshire.

We meet together locally every now and again to discuss local footpath matters, as well as attending Area Footpaths meetings.

Why not join our team? Those of you who like to go out walking on your own could find footpath work suits you, because it will give you a focus for your walks. You could:

  • Report the problems you find on any walk using the Pathwatch app on your mobile phone (or back at home on your computer)
  • Become a Footpath Secretary and get to know the paths in a particular parish more thoroughly - by walking the paths and reporting the problems you encounter to the Highways Authority
  • Help the “Don’t Lose Your Way” project if desk work is more your thing

Follow this link to the Area website for more information on each of these options.