Meetings 2016


7.30pm, 21st October 2016
Market Hill Rooms, Royston

1.     Attendance    Committee: Martin Shaw, Alan Ellis, Lesley Abbiss, David Allard, Mike Flexmore, John Heap + 16 others (see register)
Martin welcomed everyone and asked that anyone who wished to speak should stand so that they could be heard clearly.   
2.     Apologies for absence.  Anne Clarke. Lesley Heap, Jenny Gilson, Christine Sheriff, Ian Chamberlain, Charles Avis.
3.     Minutes of AGM 2015.  These were agreed: proposed by Alan Cooper, seconded by Frank Martin.    
4.     Matters arising    None
5.     Chairman’s report 2015 – 2016 (Martin Shaw)
Reminder: don’t use pub car park if not staying; don’t wander across the road
Numbers on walks
General numbers falling
How to welcome new members
Coach trip to Sandringham a success
Questionnaire at last Xmas lunch
Dropped mtg time at weekday walk – but still encourage car sharing
People are joining us through the website
How to communicate more effectively (Sandy – facebook page)
The Listing
Thanks to John as he is standing down from the Committee
Attendance at funerals for Ed Walker and Eric Addicott was tremendous.  
Frank commented that U3A people think Ramblers walk too fast.  Martin responded that at Area Meeting maybe we need to advertise that it is a leisurely walk.    
6.     Treasurer’s report (Alan Ellis)
Alan Ellis distributed copies of the accounts which had been approved by Ian Chamberlain.  These were formally proposed by John Heap and seconded by Bob Minion.  
There was a surplus of £232.75 on the General Funds and £149.56 on the Social Fund.  
The two adverts in The Listing cost £115
Basic funding 2016-2017

7.     Footpath secretary‘s report.
David Allard – 4 mtgs a year
Come across problems mowing
Barley 14
Barkway 10 (goes through a garden)
Barkway 13 (died)
Sandon 47 (school at sandon – take out crossing sch grds)
Claiming paths – can’t claim after 2026 if you think if there’s a path and it ought to be HALS to find documentary evidence.  
Do need more FP secs – please volunteer DA read out list of parishes not currently covered.  
Fox & Hounds at Barley refused change of use.  Appeal 8th Nov Herts District Council.  
8.     Area representative’s report (Mike Flexmore)
Mike reported that the Area walk and bring and share picnic at Wheathampstead had attracted over 100 people.  It was a very good day and he encouraged people to go along next year.  Martin said people next year go to Royston area.  David Smith very keen.   
9.     Election of Officers
The following were proposed and seconded to continue in post:
Martin Shaw (Chairman)
Alan Ellis (Treasurer)
Lesley Abbiss (Secretary)
Mike Flexmore (Area Representative)
David Allard (Programme Secretary)
Ian Chamberlain (Independent Examiner for Accounts)
John Heap is standing down.  
Viv Brown was nominated by Martin and seconded by Alan Cooper
Ken and Liz said they would help the Committee if they could.

10.   Any Other Business
i)  The Christmas lunch will be held at Reed Village Hall on Saturday 3rd December.  David Allard to lead a 3 mile walk.  Margaret Addicott volunteered to be there in the morning to help set up.  Alan Ellis confirmed that we cannot use the surplus from last year’s Christmas lunch to fund this year’s party free of charge as it is a requirement of Area that people should pay owing to rules of charitable funds.  
ii)  Martin drew attention to the new group email system
iii) Alan Cooper requested that people email photos for cover of program
iv) Liz is willing to create a facebook group if interested.

Meeting closed at 8.12pm


TL 285290 in the afternoon 13/11/16