Committee June 27th

minutes of the COMMITTEE MEETING 27/6/16

1. Apologies.  None
2. Minutes of last meeting
Martin made an ad hoc enquiry to the RoW officer from South Cambridgeshire  but he is not available evenings.  He suggest to get in touch with Hertfordshire RoW.  Alan has not done much re approaching local employers.  He is going to borrow Yellow Pages for Royston area from John Heap.  Martin suggested putting together a welcome pack for new members. 
3. Matters arising.  None
4. Footpaths issues
David arrived after walking to check on numerous mowing of headlands / paths. He reported that nothing much has happened with diversions.  At Rushingwells there are too many fierce barking dogs.  The Parish Council think they might build houses. 
We need more footpath secretaries.  Bert Richardson has resigned. Email Mark Westley to report problems within parishes. 
5. Area meetings report.
Mike – nothing specific to report.  Area walks to take place in September. 
Lesley has received an email from Libby Martin requesting an email contact for each group to go on the Area Contacts page of the website:  Lesley to request clarifcation of what is wanted and why. 
Coach trip to Sandringham: Thanks to Martin and Alan.  Following Martin’s asking  people at the Xmas do, perhaps the Committee should take responsibility for future coach outings.  Eric suggested asking people at the AGM. 
Alan reported that we made a surplus
Walk length for mornings:  Martin concerned a few walks have been advertised at a particular length then been longer.  Alan thought they should be shorter rather than longer.  John Heap pointed out next week there are two 7 mile walks.  It was felt that there should not be too many long walks in one week.  Encourage morning walks to be 5 – 6 miles with odd longer one. 
6. Budget 2015/16.
General funds surplus this year.  Massively underspent. 
We budgeted for 2 adverts in The Listing but have only done one.  No idea whether we have had any new members as a result.  There seems to be a steady flow of new members from all around. 
Martin suggested we say in Stile that we offer weekday walks Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sunday day walks and evening walks in the summer.  David offered to put more information in the Stile and will contact Justin Lumley. 
Alan reported lots of money in the bank as reserves.  Charity Commission policy is to break even.  Mike suggested we reimburse Committee Meeting hosting. Alan suggested we put in for minimum allocation. 
Alan asked whether we feel it is useful to spend money on advertising.  Martin to ask new members how they heard about us.  Put new advert in the villages copy of The Listing for September. Next year’s budget to keep 2 adverts. 
Martin raised the question of funds for cards / flowers to members. 
Ed Walker:  Roger Gomm likely to have details re funeral.  Martin suggested an Ed Walker memorial walk at the end of May each year.    
7.  AOB
Reclaiming lost paths
Mike Flexmore – reclaiming lost paths (til 2026) have to prove it has been used in the past.  What about Roman Roads – David Allard said you should get in touch with Mark Westley.  Information should be in the RoW ramblers blue book (Eric has a copy).   David mentioned footpaths meeting happening.  Eric clarified that it will take place on 6th October in Birmingham (details on website).
Silver Ball
David reported that the Silver Ball has new owners – it closes at 6.45pm
Next meeting Friday 7th October at John’s house.
AGM 21st October
Meeting closed at 20.55