Committee October 7th

minutes of the COMMITTEE MEETING 07/10/16

1.Apologies. none  The chairman read out a card from Margaret Addicott
2. Minutes of last meeting. agreed
3. Matters arising accounts show surplus of £139
4. Footpath issues. Rushingwells Barkway FP. PC opposed diversion. We need more footpath secretaries.
5. Area meeting report.  Mike did not attend, will distribute area minutes.
6. New committee members. duties are 4 meetings each year.
7. Xmas lunch. agreed 3rd December at Reed. David will lead the walk. Jane Hazel and Margaret to be asked to organise. Alan to check on cost.
8. Arrangements for AGM. David to collect keys. Mike and Lesley to organise wine and nibbles. Martin to get a speaker.
9. Programme. agreed 4th June for next coach trip. Small changes listed to assistant sec. Need picture for cover. Agreed week day meeting at Heath redundant.
10 AOB.