Meetings 2017

Minutes of AGM 20th October 2017

Present: Martin Shaw, Alan Ellis, Lesley Abbiss, Mike Flexmore, & 15 others (see register)  
Martin welcomed members.  
Apologies: David Allard, Ken & Jackie Garland, Vivienne Brown, John & Lesley Heap, Margaret Addicott, S Ellis.  
Minutes of AGM 2016:  A Ellis confirmed that Area agreed we could subsidise the Christmas lunch and Bleinheim coach trip.  Marion Smith proposed and Ruth Katz seconded.  Minutes agreed.  
Matters arising: Martin thanked Liz Tibble for setting up a Facebook page.  All welcome to join the Facebook group and post photos.  
Chairman’s report:  
Thanks to all leaders for varied and interesting walks.  
Online system for selecting dates for walks has worked well.  Thanks to Alan Cooper for setting it up.  
Numbers on walks is consistent.  Good turnouts on walks.
Bleinheim trip successful as were memorial walks for Ed and Eric.
Martin read Margaret’s letter thanking all for their support on Eric’s memorial walk.  Photos of the walk are on display at this meeting.  For future meetings it was noted that Ruth Katz has a projector.  
Christmas lunch at Reed Village Hall will be on Saturday 2nd December  (thanks to Margaret for booking the hall).  
Martin called for other ideas of things we might be doing.  Among the suggestions were possible weekends away and walks designed to encourage older members to join us for the social ‘bit’ afterwards.  Also possibility of walks in London.  
Martin said that people leading walks should report fly tipping to the committee.  
Martin completed a Ramblers survey (June 2017) that wanted to know how they could help at area and group level. You can find a link to their findings on the Ramblers web page.
Treasurer’s report:  
Audited by Ian Chamberlain.  
Our Funds generally remain under control and in a pretty robust state.
The financial position is not quite as good as at the 2016 year end, largely for reasons outside our direct control.  The Ramblers council has set out a policy for Groups to be applied at the Area level on the amount of funds to be carried forward from one period to the next relative to the Group’s expenditure. Our group reserves exceed the amount allowed under that policy on both our general funds and social fund and we are obliged to take steps to correct the position.
On general funds, your committee decided not to spend money unnecessarily for the sake of it. In 2016 we tried the impact of taking a couple of adverts in the Royston listing to increase group numbers. These did not seem to be an effective use of money as most new members were aware of the Ramblers already, and found us from our website. So we made the decision to accept basic funding from Area which we could do without formality. There appears to be a significant increase in the cost of programmes in 2017, but this is due to the fact that we tend to buy postage stamps for distribution in large quantities. There was one such purchase in 2017, none in 2016.  The result for the year was a deficit for the year of £21. There still remain reserves to carry forward of £731, more than 2 years’ worth of expenditure at current levels.
On our social fund, your committee decided to subsidise the 2016 Xmas party at Reed Village Hall to the tune of £84, and to subsidise also the annual coach trip to Blenheim (The cost of the subsidy was £50). We made a net deficit for the year of £133. There remains a cumulative surplus of £275 at the year end, down from £408.
Mike suggested memorial benches for Eric and Ed or as an alternative a plaque
Footpath Secretary’s report
A few problems noted while out walking: not always possible to rectify in good time.  
Barley 14 – David Allard attended a site visit on Wednesday 13th September and is pleased to report that the diversion has been confirmed by the Inspector.  
Area Representative’s report:  Mike said the Area walk day attracted over 100 people but only three from Royston.  Overall a pleasant day.  
Election of committee and independent auditor
Ian Chamberlain (independent auditor) nominated by Frank, seconded by Alan Cooper
Meeting in agreement to re-elect en bloc
Martin Shaw (Chairman),  Alan Ellis (Treasurer), Lesley Abbiss (Secretary), Mike Flexmore (Area Rep), Viv Brown, David Allard
Proposed by Ruth, Jenny seconded.
AOB  Mike Flexmore called for ideas for the coach outing
Alan Cooper – Stowe (Buckingham)
Frank (Lavenham, Flatford Mill)
Sue Garner (Blickling)
Ruth Katz (Sheringham Park)
Martin thanked Mike for organising refreshments and David Marsh for opening up the hall and setting out chairs.
Meeting closed at 20:00.

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