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Footpath Matters

Would you like to become a Footpath Observer?

This entails walking all the footpaths in a designated Area over the course of each year and reporting any problems to our Footpaths Officer and/or Bromley Council. Each Area equates roughly to a Ward in the Borough except Darwin which is split into three. If you would like to become a Footpath Observer for one of the Areas listed below or would like to know more about what is involved please contact us at enquiries

 We currently have vacancies for the following Areas:

Orpington (13 paths, 2.4km); 

Biggin Hill (17 paths, 9.4km);

Leaves Green (Darwin W) (8 paths, 15.3km).

 Footpath Clearing.

From time to time we organise days for clearing overgrown or blocked footpaths. If you would like to be put on our email list for future dates please contact us at  enquiries

To report a problem on a footpath

You can reporrt problems with footpaths stiles etc via the Ramblers app or directly to the relevant local authority in whose area the footpath is in.  Below are links to our nearest ones. On some websites, Kent for example, you zoom in on a map and click on where the problem is. This generates an exact location for the Rights of Way team. On others it is helpful to know the footpath number and grid reference. Photographs can also be useful. If you have problems with using the links you can contact us at enquiries and we will pass the information on.

London Borough of Bromley



East Sussex

West Sussex

Please also let me know so I can keep an eye on the matter. 

Philip Wall
Footpaths Officer, Bromley Group

The Big Pathwatch 

You should all have received details via email or in Walk magazine about The Big Pathwatch. It is not too late to take part. If you have not already registered go to to sign up and find out what it's all about and how you can help to protect and improve footpaths in Bromley and further afield.

Mid-week walks

A big thank you to Barbara Phelps who has kindly volunteered to co-ordinate mid-week walks on days other than a Wednesday. As a result, you will see from the walks programme that we have about a dozen walks (mainly on Tuesdays) of varying lengths and times of day to enjoy this summer. 

Volunteers for Short Sunday Walks

Do you have a favourite walk that you could share with fellow ramblers ?  Could you commit – perhaps just once a year – to leading a short local walk, perhaps with a friend or with another leader ?  Volunteers are urgently sought to help with short Sunday walks; no previous experience necessary, just a desire to “give back a little” and of course, to walk.  Any assistance that you require will be gladly given.  Jean P can be contacted on  enquiries – and is looking forward to your email.

Walk Coordinator required for Short Sunday Walks

After many years of providing us with interesting and popular short Sunday walks, often accessible by public transport Jean P is retiring and we are looking for someone else to volunteer to coordinate these walks. If you feel you could spare the time (there are only 3 programme booklets a year) the Tony U would be pleased to hear from you.


Dogs & ground nesting birds

There has recently been comment in the media about dogs and the problems they may cause to ground nesting birds during the breeding season. The advice from the Ramblers is that dogs can be prohibited from areas where birds are ground nesting, and that walk leaders should explain this in advance in the walks programme by stating that a particular walk is “Not suitable for dogs” or “Dogs on leads please”. In fact, the Ramblers recommends that dogs are kept under close control at all times, and kept on a lead on roads, near livestock or sensitive wildlife, where the terrain requires careful footwork and wherever the law or other official regulations require it. If walk leaders discover that ground nesting birds may be an issue after the programme has been printed, please ensure that dog owners are aware at the start of the walk and that they take the necessary action. And, please clean up after your dog.

Email Address List

We do send  irregular emails to many people who walk with Bromley Ramblers with details of last minute changes to walks for example. It would be good to have the email addresses of more of our members so we can contact you at short notice, for example if a walk is snowed off.  Thus we would be grateful if you would go to the  Mailing List Page and follow the simple instructions to add yourself to the list. You can also remove yourself there at any time as well if you wish..