Photos from recent walks

Thanks to Anita S for these pictures of Mike Jackson's walk from Chiddingstone to Edenbridge on Wed 17th July 2019


These are pictures from our now resident ipad photographer Anita S of Susan's walk from Edenbridge on Wed 15th May 2019

Hi ho!


These are some pictures taken by a new walker Shilpi, on David's Woodland Walk from Selsdon through to Tatsfield on 24th Feb 2019.

I wish I could take photographs like this.

I wish I could take photos like this.

A fine view

I'm sure it's over there

A frisky pair

A frisky pair of onlookers

A watering hole

Not a bad photo on reflection


These are some pictures taken by Anita S on her iPad on David's 13m walk around Bewl Water on a glorious day, 10th April 2019.

Our select band (-our gallant photographer)

David wouldn't have forgiven me if I didn't include this one.

Oh Dam!


Anita S has been at it again, this time on Philip's 'Dickens Walk' on a glorious April day (17th)

This was the Thames landscape that Dickens walked with his father and inspired Great Expectations.

It's kind of bleak but lots of birds (is my hair really that thin on top?)

St James Church where Pip and Abel Magwitch meet

and the little graves, 13 in all but Dickens only mentioned 5

Coolings Castle (1380), supposed to be designed to use and withstand gunpowder weapons. Captured in 8 hrs in 1554 but by then the warranty had expired. Now used for weddings.

This is the 6 Bells, the only pub left in Cliffe where we lunched. By now you will have spotted the flaw but it has defied all my efforts to turn it round!