D&G Group History

The group was formed in 1992, and was known at first as the Dartford Ramblers Group. In 1996 our area and name was extended to include Gravesham. Our membership consists of people from all walks of life who live not only in the two districts mentioned, but also in Bexley, South East London, and further into Kent.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the group a seat was erected in Farningham Woods, where there is a fantastic view over Dartford and beyond. An inscription on the seat reads: 'Rest awhile - feast your eyes'.

In 2007 the group started offering a choice of walk lengths on most Sundays, taking into account the growing number of members, and members' differing time constraints, abilities and preferences. It's also useful for new members who may not be accustomed to walking all day, but would like to join us for a shorter walk. There are usually opportunities for refreshments at the end of a shorter walk, and people usually take a packed lunch along on the longer walks. We often have walks on other days of the week as well.

For the group's 20th Anniversary in 2012, two gates were erected on footpaths near Horton Kirby, A variety of walks were scheduled for the opening day, some of which also visited the 10th Anniversary seat. So it was quite a commemorative day for the group!


           Margaret (then D&G Group Chairman) opening one of the 20th Anniversary gates

Carol took over as Chairman of the group in 2020. Here she is in the countryside with some woolly friends! 

We normally have a varied social calendar, including walking weekends away, barn dances, quiz nights and the Christmas or New Year lunch and walk.

We love to welcome new Ramblers members, or of course if you're a member of another Ramblers group, you'll be very welcome to come and join us on a walk!