Sevenoaks Ramblers Volunteers

Walk Leaders

The group is always looking for new volunteers to lead walks. Assistance and support by experienced walk leaders is always available for any member willing to consider leading a walk.

Any member interested in volunteering should contact Dominique Grattidge, the Walks Coordinator, for further details.

Vegetation Clearance group

This is the first year the Vegetation Clearance Group has been in existence and has already been in action clearing paths.

The group led by coordinator Dennis Doran aims to spend a morning or afternoon once or twice a month clearing overgrown footpaths with tools such as secateurs, loppers etc. supplied by KCC.  Work requiring chain saws or other specialist equipment which will continue to be done by KCC contactors.

Volunteers are not expected to participate on each occasion but it is hoped we can get enough volunteers to form a working party for each event. Any member interested in joining the group should contact Dennis Doran, the Vegetation Clearance Coordinator.

Parish Footpath Observers

We now have Parish Footpath Observers in place. The role of the Observer is to walk all the footpaths in their allocated area at least once a year and identify and report any problems.  The area that each warden covered consists of the administrative area covered by a parish council as identified on an ordnance survey map. (The role has no connection with any activity undertaken by local parish councils). 

We have volunteer Observers in place covering most of the 27 parishes we are responsible for but still have vacancies in the following parishes:-

Brasted, Leigh and Otford

Members interested in becoming a Ramblers Parish Footpath Observer should contact the Parish Footpath Observer Coordinator Terry Coen for further information.

Examples of problems identified and reported to KCC:-

A tree across the footpath.