Walk with Sevenoaks Ramblers

Our organised walks are resuming from Wednesday 7th April! Details of this month's walks can be found here.

We walk mainly on Sundays and Wednesdays. Occasionally there are specials, such as a Saturday early morning walk, with breakfast at a local cafe.

On Sundays we usually have a shorter walk, around 5 or 6 miles, which is finished by lunchtime, and a longer walk with a lunch stop. Some of the longer walks are figure-of-8, so we return to the start at lunchtime and set off again from the same place. This gives you the option of a short walk in the morning or the afternoon, or a longer, all-day walk. Lunch arrangements are in the programme.

On Wednesdays the walks may be long or short, so check the programme to see what's available.

Some walks are linear, using train or cars to link up. Please phone the leader for details by the deadline when asked to do so in the programme.

Shorter walks are usually more local to Sevenoaks, longer ones may range further away. There are two long lines of hills near here, the North Downs and the Greensand Ridge. These offer woodland walking and very different flowers, as well as some fine, far-reaching views as a reward for climbing the hillside.

Walks vary in length and difficulty. In this area just about every walk will have a number of stiles. Everyone should be capable of completing the planned walk and must be suitably clothed and shod.

Registered Assistance Dogs Only will be welcomed on all walks where it is possible to accommodate them. Please note that many walks in this area have stiles, and many of those do not have a dog gate. To avoid disappointment, please contact the walk leader in advance to check if the route is suitable for your Registered Assistance Dog.

Please only bring other dogs when the walk description says Dog friendly. These routes are suitable for well-behaved dogs, with no sections where dogs aren’t permitted, and the leader is prepared to accept them, though may ask that they’re kept on a lead. Dogs remain the responsibility of their owners.

Children may be welcome on shorter walks (please contact the walk leader) but remain the responsibility of their "owners".

Have a look at our programme and find a walk that might suit you. Please feel free to contact the leader if you'd like to know more. We'd love to meet you!

Click here to see a gallery of pictures of walks in the Sevenoaks area (pops up in a new window)