Walk Leaders Forms, Information and Guidance

On this page you will find links to various forms and guidance for Walk Leaders.

Some of them can either be downloaded and printed off to enable you to complete manually (pdfs) or downloaded and saved to your PC or tablet for completion before emailing to the relevant officer (rtfs).

Risk & Registration Form:

Please ensure you send the form to our Records Secretary, Mike Goodrich a.s.a.p. after you have completed the walk and include the Risk assessment page.


NB Page 3 is a continuation sheet of the register if you think that there will be more than 20 walkers on your walk but you don't need to print it otherwise.


This form can be completed on your PC or tablet and saved or printed off and completed manually

Risk & Registration form rtf format for completing on your PC or tablet

This form can be printed off for completing manually

Risk & Registration Form for completing manually

Expense Claim Forms

Leaders are encouraged to claim expenses for mileage incurred when doing your "walkout". 

They can be paid direct into your bank account if account details are provided.

If you do not wish to keep the money why not consider donating to Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance or a charity of your choice? You will need to do this yourself as Ramblers are also a charity and are unable by law to make donations to a different charity.

Expenses form pdf format for printing

Expenses form rtf format for completing on your PC or tablet

Restarting Ramblers Activities - Leading Group Walks

Please read advice regarding re-starting walks from Ramblers UK issued March 2021

Incident Report form

There are also lots of other useful guides on the Ramblers UK website in the Walk Leaders Toolkit including How to Take a Walk Register Using the Ramblers App 

First Aid Kits

What should be included in a First Aid Kit?

It’s best practice to carry a basic first aid kit on every group walk. Some groups invest in shared kits to pass between walk leaders, re-stocking when necessary.  The items you choose to carry will depend on the difficulty and type of walk you are leading, but a basic first aid kit may contain:

 Low adherent dressings / gauze swabs

 Triangular bandage(s)

 Wound dressings (various sizes)

 Woven bandage(s)

 Latex free plasters

 CPR disposable face shield

 Compeed / blister plasters

 Foil survival blanket

 Micropore tape

 Antiseptic wipes

 Nitrile or vinyl gloves


 Safety pins

 Burn dressing