Rambling, is it for you?

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A few years ago, my 15 year old daughter approached me and said: “Dad, you always take me on nice holidays abroad but why do we never explore the beautiful countryside in the UK.”

Slightly surprised knowing the rather special holidays we had enjoyed, I decided to explore this a bit more with her. We got the map out and decided to visit the Yorkshire Dales. That summer we went for a week to the Lake District. It really gave us a taste of the stunning countryside we have in the UK.

One weekend my daughter and I went to Dovedale in the Peak District for a leisurely 8 mile walk. Sitting afterwards in the pub enjoying a well-deserved pint, a group of Ramblers arrived. The guy I was talking to started to tell us all about the Ramblers and that there are groups in all parts of the UK. Arriving back home, I looked up the Grantham Ramblers programme and after having “tested” them for a couple of walks, I became a Ramblers member.

Nowadays we very much enjoy the Sunday walks they lay on. The leaders often take you to local places we did not even know existed. Whether you like a leisurely family walk or a real leg-stretcher, there is something for everybody.

They are a very welcoming bunch of walkers. And if you do decide to become a member you can join other groups in the UK for their walks which I certainly make the most of when I visit other areas in the UK.