Chairman's report - 2020

What a strange year!  Who would have thought when we welcomed in the New Year on 1st January that the country would be in lock-down for several months due to this horrible virus.  However, I am sure that many of you took your daily exercise, walking in the countryside in that wonderful, warm, dry Spring we had, now a distant memory!

Thankfully our area has not suffered as badly as other areas of the country; (as I write this we are expecting further restrictions to be announced in some parts of the country tomorrow).

The committee  has decided to defer the 2020 AGM to possibly early in 2021, subject to Covid-19 restrictions. We cannot hold it in our usual venue as it would be breaking the rule of 6. The possibility of a Zoom meeting was looked at., but not all members are on the internet and my experience of it is not great!

I’d like to thank those members who led walks over the year. Two walks were cancelled because of the weather at the start of the year and twenty-three because of lock-down from 23rd March to when walks were allowed to resume on 6th August.

Thanks to the secretary, Judy, for organising the meetings and taking committee meeting minutes, Eileen, for looking after our finances and to Peter, our Membership Secretary for “taking the register” and liaising with new members.  Over the year it has been pleasing to welcome several younger members to our group.

We decided that because so many walks have been cancelled in 2020 the programme would be repeated for 2021 with different dates. Thanks to Janet for organising this repeat programme and arranging for its printing. Also, a big thank you to our webmaster, Jacob, for keeping our website up-to-date so promptly.

In February I attended a Walk Leaders’ training course in Newark. This was class-based in the morning followed by a three mile walk in the afternoon with each of the attendees taking it in turn to lead the group and dealing with an unexpected situation ranging from a member having a heart attack to dealing with an unruly herd of cows!

I found this course both useful and daunting but can recommend it to all walk leaders or to those hoping to lead walks in the future. Two of our members were also booked on a further course which was sadly cancelled due to lock-down.  Hopefully it will go ahead in 2021.

Two weeks ago, 13 members went on an ‘Away Weekend’ to Norfolk staying at the Briarfields Hotel in Titchwell. The two Saturday walks (9 mile and 5 miles, both socially distanced!) were held in light rain unlike last year when it was glorious sunshine! But the Sunday walk was drier.  The staff at the hotel looked after us well.  Grateful thanks to Peter for organising the weekend and to Peter, Eileen and Roz for ‘reccying’ the walks.

Numbers on the walks that were held are as follows: eight Sunday walks, average 8 walkers, ten Thursday walks, average 14.4 and four Wednesday walks, average 12.8.

The committee members and officers have indicated that they are willing to carry on for another year with the exception of David Gregory who has indicated that he no longer wishes to serve on the committee. David has been a stalwart member of Grantham Ramblers’ committee for many years serving as Chairman for about ten of these.  I would like to thank him for all his hard work over the years and wish him well in his “retirement”.  I hope he continues to walk with us on Thursdays and offer his advice when it is needed.

On the agenda there is the usual AOB, so if any member has any issues they wish to raise please let me or any other member of the committee know.

Keep safe and keep walking.

Andy Chapman (


Other Committee members:

Secretary                                       Judy Hulland 

Membership Secretary                  Peter Lilburn 

Treasurer                                       Eileen Du Faye                              

Minuting Secretary                        Margaret Booles 

Footpath Officer                            "vacant" 

Walk programme coordinator       Janet Gregory

Other Committee Members: David Gregory, Kathy Redpath, Tony Parker and Gwen Rawlinson.

Webmaster:                                  Jacob Florijn

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