Chairman's report - 2021

I would like to thank those members who acted as walk leaders over the last year, 14 of them. It is good to report that for next year we have recruited 6 more volunteers.

I would also like to thank the committee for their hard work and support, especially Eileen as Treasurer, Pete as Membership Secretary, Janet as Walks Co-ordinator and Kathy for taking the minutes.

Sadly we had two members resign from the committee over the last two years, David Gregory who was on the committee for many years including a stint as chairman and our secretary, Judy, who resigned through ill health.  I would like to thank them both.

We welcome Jill O’Dell and Don Craigen to our committee.  Don has experience of leading group walks in his “work-life” and has tackled many long- distance footpaths with his wife, Jill.

A number of walks were cancelled in 2020 and 2021, (23 in2020 and 13 in 2021) due to lock-down but I am sure many members continued to get their permitted “daily exercise” by walking.

There were no social activities in either year due to Covid but we hope to revive them in 2022.

The experiment to have shorter walks on a couple of Sundays finishing at a pub was not a great success with less than 10 walking.  However, Sunday numbers have increased greatly with numbers well into the teens.

Numbers on walks this year have continued to be pleasing with an average of 12.5 regular Sunday walkers and 17 on the Thursday walks. There have been 7 Wednesday walks with an average of 13.9 walkers. 

The 2022 walk programme is now complete, copies of which are available from Janet.  This year the Lincolnshire Area will not be producing a walk booklet but all Group walks will be on the websites. For those members not on the internet, paper copies will be available. 

Thank you, Janet for co-ordinating the walk programme and also for trawling back through past walk programmes and producing the historical walks list, some of which have not been done for 20+ years!

Thanks also to Janet and Jacob for updating the national and local websites, sometimes at short notice.

According to Pete, our membership secretary, Grantham group numbers have increased to 105 with 8 new members signing up this year.  This a pleasing trend and I hope it will continue. Thanks also to Pete for maintaining the group members’ records so efficiently and taking the walk register.

Thanks also to Eileen for managing the funds and, as last year, I suspect that the only payouts are travel claims.

The committee decided to cease the necessity to book to attend walks in line with other local groups.

The weekend away this year is Fri 22nd - Sun24th Oct, staying at The Horse and Jockey pub in Wessington, Derbyshire, with 21 people attending. The three walks, Sat 9.2 miles/5 miles and Sun, 5 miles, have all been recce’d.  Thank you to Pete for organizing this event.

Andy Chapman (  - 13.10.2021


Other Committee members:

Membership Secretary                  Peter Lilburn 

Treasurer                                       Eileen Du Faye                              

Minuting Secretary                        Kathy Redpath

Footpath Officer                            "vacant" 

Walk programme coordinator       Janet Gregory

Other Committee Members:         Don Craigen Kathy Redpath, and Tony Parker 

Webmaster:                                  Jacob Florijn

We always love to hear from you. Email us or phone 01664 464065