Our Walk Information

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About Our Walks

Sunday Ambles of 3 to 5 miles are very leisurely and are particularly good if you are new to walking or can only spare half a day. Wednesday Ambles of 4 to 6 miles take place on the 4th Wednesday of the month with a pub lunch option. Sunday and Wednesday Strolls of between 6 and 8 miles take place once a month and last for about 5 hours including stops. Day Rambles of up to 11 miles take place on the first Sunday of each month and also take about 5 hours including stops. Wednesday Walks of 8 to 10 miles are of moderate pace and are our most popular walk. They can last up to 5 hours. Long Wednesday Walks and Long Day Rambles each take place once a month and are 11 to 13 miles, usually at a slightly faster pace, taking about 6 hours. Leg Stretchers of up to 15 miles are for the more energetic with a faster pace than Day Rambles.

Coach Trips with Walks

We usually have four coach trips a year, two on Sundays and two on Wednesdays when we venture into derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Clothing and Gear

Without doubt, comfortable dry footwear is the most important item of clothing you will need. Also essential are a waterproof jacket and trousers. Other clothing is a matter of personal choice although we would not recommend denim jeans for rainy days because they absorb so much water. Remember, many shops offer a 10% discount to Ramblers’ members. A rucksack is also essential to hold rain-wear, packed lunch, drink and any spare clothes. A plastic bag can be used to keep the contents of the rucksack dry (and for sitting on!).


Our walk programme assumes that members will make their own way to the start of the walk. If you haven’t got a car, contact the leader and he/she may be able to help arrange a lift. Once you have been on a few walks you will soon make friends and be able to arrange your own lifts. Please remember to make a contribution to the cost of fuel for the journey. As a new member, try to arrive 15 minutes before the walk starts to give time to park, put on your boots and introduce yourself to the walk leader. Please be aware that in these covid times people may be a little hesitant to offer lifts.


We are aware that to some people Ordnance Survey (OS) maps are a mystery but it is not necessary to use these to take part in and enjoy our walks. However, our walks are almost always on Public Rights of Way, or similar, which are shown on OS maps. Our walk leaders normally use 1:50000 (Landranger) or 1:25000 (Explorer) maps to plan, recce and lead the walks. We also use a map/grid reference number to define the exact start point of each walk. This is essential since it is not always possible to begin each walk at an easily describable landmark. If you would like to learn to read and use a map and/or compass we do run courses when there is sufficient demand. If you are relying on a road map to get to the walk please make sure you get instructions from the walk leader before you set off.


Not all walks are suitable for dogs. Please contact the walk leader before bringing your dog and please keep it on a lead.