Preston Ramblers - Report a Footpath problem.


Examples of footpath problems are:-

  • overgrown footpaths
  • broken missing or dangerous stiles and kissing gates
  • missing way markers
  • aggressive or obstructive land owners
  • aggresive animals such as
    • dogs in farmyards
    • beasts in fields
  • crops blocking the way
  • a building constructed over a path
  • a missing bridge

If you find a problem with a footpath in our area please report it to us via this link Contact this group and provide us with the following information:

  • date the problem was found
  • footpath location
  • path number (if known)
  • grid ref (if known)
  • description of the problem

Please don't just hope someone else will do it - they often don't!

Alternatively, you could report it using the Ramblers Central office Path Problem Report Form