West Lancashire Ramblers-more about our Group


We take a keen interest in the state of the rights of way in West Lancashire. Whenever we find or are told about a path problem we report this to the local authority responsible for rights of way-Lancashire County Council. When the local authority tells us about applications for planning permission we check to see if rights of way are affected.


A broken stile seen and avoided on our walk from Bescar Lane, January 2019.
The stile was reported to Lancashire County Council as needing repair..


Waiting for the railway barriers to open at Hoscar. November, 2019.

Christmas, 2019, walk in Windle outside St Helens.

Footbridge in Haskayne repaired by LCC following request by Group member ready for our walk from Halsall in September, 2020.

Group walk from Appley Bridge on a fine autumn afternoon. October 2020.

An impressive fingerpost seen on a Group walk from Skelmersdale in December, 2020.
One of a number erected by Lathom South Parish Council.