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A+ Walks - Very strenuous. For experienced and very fit walkers only. May be exposed routes with steep ascents or descents, scrambles, exposure or river crossings. Total ascent over 1100m, with distances over 25km/16 miles. Long stretches over very high, rough ground may be included.

A Walks - Strenuous. Good fitness is required. Total ascent between 800-1100m with a distance between 15-25km/10-16 miles. Includes walking on rough open ground and may include steep ascents or descents or other features of an A+ walk. Typical Munro walk.

B+ Walks - Moderate to strenuous. Includes one A-grade feature, eg the ascent, the length, or the nature of the terrain, compared to a standard B walk.

B Walks -     Moderate. Total ascent usually between 300-800m with a distance of 12-15km/8-10 miles. Some pathless, rough or uneven ground.

C+ Walks - Easy to moderate. May include one B-grade feature, usually a short steep climb, some rough ground or it may be a level but longer walk.  Total ascent may be up to 300m but will generally be gradual.

C Walks - Easy. Total ascent usually less than 200m with a distance up to 12km/7.5 miles on paths and tracks with good even surfaces and on minor roads. Flat, or with gentle gradients only.

D Walks – Leisurely.  Total distance up to approx 7km/4 miles, almost flat, for people without mobility issues.

SHW - SHW stands for Slow Hill Walk which can be added to an A or B walk to indicate that it will be taken at a slow pace, maintained from the start.


For a specific walk, please read the detailed walk description in the walk details