What you need to know

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Our Walk Grades are given on a separate page together with explanatory notes.

We ask walkers to contact the leader by phone or email a few days in advance to say that they would like to go on their walk, confirm the transport arrangements and the walk details. Where cars are needed, the leader needs to know well in advance if you require or can offer a lift.

Sometimes last minute changes to walks and travel arrangements are necessary but up-to-date information on walks can be checked on our walks programme page.

What to wear and what to bring

Warm and fully waterproof clothing should be carried in a rucksack. Denim jeans are not suitable as they get wet very quickly and are slow to dry out. Walking poles are not essential but they can be a help on rough ground.

Strong footwear should be worn for all walks. Walking boots are essential on all walks graded Moderate, Strenuous and Technical. On walks graded Leisurely, walking boots are advisable. If you are travelling by car, please bring a change of footwear and a plastic bag for your dirty boots

A packed lunch, small snacks and a cold drink are essential. A flask of hot drink is strongly recommended.

All walkers should carry emergency contact details. The committee has purchased emergency contact key-rings which can be attached to the inside of a rucksack. These are available free of charge to members. The key-ring holds a small concertina of paper on which to write details of: person to contact; doctor; health information; medication; car registration. Barry has been giving these out on walks but if you need one, email him at luckydollar@btinternet.com or send a SAE: c/o 15 Newton Terrace, Glasgow, G3 7PJ

It is recommended that all walkers should carry their own First Aid Kit.

Where OS Map Numbers are given in walk descriptions, this is only for information; it is not necessary for all walkers to bring a map. 

Other information –
• Anyone with a health condition, where there is a possibility that treatment may be required during a walk, must inform the leader in advance and give full details of the treatment which might be required. This is not intended to place any extra responsibility on the leader, but rather to protect the leader against incidents arising from no prior warning being given.

• The leader may cancel or change a walk because of adverse weather conditions or for any other good reason. This information will be posted on the website.

• In dubious weather, it is wise to contact the walk leader the day before to check that the walk is going ahead and to ask for advice.

• Inexperienced walkers must check with the walk leader before going on a grade of walk to which they are unaccustomed. An inability to cope with the conditions, or to maintain a reasonable walking pace, could cause a problem for the leader and jeopardise the safety of the party. In Winter, if you are inexperienced in any grade of walk, you must contact the walk leader for advice.

• In the interests of safety, the leader may refuse to lead anyone considered to be ill-equipped eg - wearing denim jeans, no waterproofs, unsuitable footwear for the grade of walk. The leader may also put a limit on the number of people on their walk.

Meeting Places

The meeting place for a walk is always given in the walk description. Our normal meeting places for walks -

Partick Station: outside or just inside the station entrance if it is very wet. We normally meet here if we are going by car and sometimes when we catch a train. The recommended parking for Partick Station is on Beith Street.

Glasgow Central Station: outside M & S Simply Food.

Glasgow Queen Street Station: outside the Main Booking Office.

Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station: by the Travel Information Board.

If you decide to meet the group at the start of the walk, please ensure that the walk leader is aware that you are going to make your own travel arrangements.

Travel costs

Everyone pays their own fares on public transport. For walks not accessed by public transport, it is expected that those with cars will give lifts to those without. As a guide, 10p per mile per passenger is considered an amount which reasonably covers the costs incurred by the driver. A suitable amount for car sharing is recommended under the details of each walk. The walk leader will collect the money and share it out between drivers who have offered spaces in their cars.

How fast do we walk?

As groups are usually made up of members with varying walking abilities, we should all consider those at the back of the party. We want everyone to enjoy our walks so walk leaders will set a pace that suits everyone, taking account of the type of walk and surroundings. On all but the shortest walks, we have breaks for a drink or something to eat along the way.

Dogs Registered Assistance Dogs only are allowed on walks.

Who is liable on a walk?

Please note that neither the Ramblers nor the walk leaders can accept liability for any accident that may occur on a walk. In the interests of enjoyment and safety, all members should stay within sight and earshot of the walk leader at all times, and should not leave the walk without first informing the leader.








Registering Your Mobile Phone with the Emergency Services

In areas where a mobile phone signal is weak and a phone call won’t get through, a text message just might. To contact the emergency services by text you have to register your number in advance to call the emergency services should the need arise when we are out and about. 

To register your mobile phone, text “register” to 999. You will get a reply; then follow the instructions you are sent. This will only take two minutes of your time and could save your life.

An emergency call can still be made on a Pay as You Go phone when no money has been credited and also on some phones even though they are locked with a password.


This website

Digital photographs of group walks are welcome, either for publicity or for display on the website. After each walk a short paragraph from any walker would be appreciated for the walk report. Ideas – weather, conditions, wildlife seen, views, any features. Any suggestions, stories, photos or comments on the website would be appreciated. You can read descriptions of past walks here.

Anyone participating in a group walk is assumed to have given consent to photographs in which they appear being used for publicity or website purposes. Anyone who does not wish a photograph to be used for such purposes should make this clear to the person taking the photograph. Requests for photographs to be removed from the website should be emailed to: info@glasgowramblers.org.uk

To get up-to-date information on walks, please check the walks programme page on this web site or our home page (for the next few walks).


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