Guidelines for Walkers

• Must have warm and waterproof clothing (unsuitable clothing e.g. denims should not be worn) and carry food and drink on every walk
• Boots are essential on ‘A’ and ‘B’ walks and are recommended for ‘C’ walks
• Must carry emergency food (e.g. chocolate), a first aid kit and a survival bag
• Must keep a plastic whistle within easy reach (on your person not in a rucksack). A metal whistle can adhere to lips in very cold conditions
• On ‘A’ and ‘B’ walks, it is desirable to carry the relevant map and a compass or GPS and know how to use them
• Must stay within sight or hailing distance of the Walk Leader or Back Marker at all times
• Must not leave a walk without informing the Walk Leader or Back Marker
• Must inform the Walk Leader of any medical condition that could affect their ability to complete the walk. Individuals are responsible for carrying any special medication that they require for  personal use
• Walkers must be 18+ or accompanied by an adult holding parental responsibility.   Unaccompanied walkers aged 15-17 are welcome (except on overnight stays) with a valid 15-17 Year Old Parental Consent Card, obtainable free from Ramblers main office (tel no 020 3961 3300) or see Children under 15 are welcome but must be capable of doing the walk and must be accompanied at ALL times by an adult who holds parental responsibility
Dogs are not allowed on any of our walks
• Must choose a grade of walk suitable to level of fitness and expertise. If unsure of the suitability of a walk, should contact the Walk Leader beforehand. It is not always possible to shorten a walk if overexerting oneself
• Where possible, should check the website the day before for any changes to the walk
• Walkers intending to meet the group at the walk start must check in advance with the Walk Leader as the walk may have changed.