Group Minutes

DRAFT (usually signed off at next committee meeting)

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Cleveland Group of The Ramblers

held in Sunnyfield House, Guisborough on 2 September 2019


PRESENT Robert Blackburn, Mike Collier (Chair), Mike Cherrett, Bill Dell, Geoff Watkins.

APOLOGIES Dennis Barr, Hazel Merigold , Colin Monson.

1 Minutes 3.6.19 Agreed and signed.

2 Hambleton & Ryedale (Colin Monson 01287 632556)

2.1 A planning application for landscaping work as part of the Land of Iron project will require a s.147 application as it involves putting a gate across a PROW. We have lodged an interim objection, pending receipt of the s.147 application.

2.2 Following discussions with the landowner of Westwood farm, Ingleby Greenhow, where we had indicated a line of diversion which we would find acceptable, we received an “informal consultation”. We have responded by indicating that we would be content with the revised proposal, and expect to be consulted formally in due course.

2.3 Ramblers’ head office has recently forwarded a request from a farmer at Head House Farm, Hartoft, who wishes to discuss a proposed footpath diversion. It seems that North Yorkshire County Council officers are now suggesting that landholders contact us in advance of submitting a proposal, which is a welcome step forward.

3 Redcar & Cleveland (Geoff Watkins 07968 301202)

3.1 A temporary closure of part of the Teesdale Way in the South Bank area came into force on 1 August for path improvements. Work is due to be finished by the end of September.

3.2 Rose Cottage (3.2) Eugene Suggett is to contact the Chief Executive to ask for a copy of the original planning documents from 10-20 years ago, having received only a recent planning application which had no reference to PROW.

3.3 We received the judgement of the Public Enquiry over the proposed creation of a PROW at Lingdale (reported earlier). The order was turned down by the Inspector. We had taken a neutral position.

3.4 The Order to create a PROW at Huntcliffe Drive, Brotton, has been referred to a Public Enquiry due to take place on 21 January 2020. As the path has a concrete surface and steps and was clearly intended for use when the estate was built in the 1970s this is surprising.

4 Easington (Robert Blackburn 07720 297589)

4.1 A proposal to extinguish FP27 Murton was discussed. Relocating the path to follow the southern boundary appears possible. Agreed to circulate committee. ACTION: RB

5 Hartlepool (Robert Blackburn 07720 297589) Nothing to report.

6 Middlesbrough (Robert Blackburn 07720 297589) Nothing to report.

7 Stockton (Mike Cherrett 01642 783491)

7.1 Tees Valley LAF now has a new development officer in post.

7.2 Stockton’s ROWIP 2018-2023 has been published.

7.3 An email has been sent to Stockton Council requesting information about several unresolved issues: Network Rail’s request for rail crossing diversions at Stillington and Cowpen Bewley, Ramblers’ request for diversion of Stockton FP47, Teesmouth Bird Club complaint, FP obstructions in Elton and Cowpen Bewley, and progress with the bridleway bridge repair at Castle/Kirklevington.

8 Scarborough (Bill Dell 01287 637730)

8.1 A number of moorland paths in the National Park are obstructed by deep heather. We have asked NYCC who is responsible for these and await their reply.

9 Website (Bill Dell) Minutes and walks information are kept up to date.

10 Local Access Forum No meetings.

11 Walks Average attendance Sundays 16, evenings 7.

12 Membership Latest figure 270. UK total 102,023 (44% female, 55% male), 50% aged 60 to 79.


13 Secretary Nothing to report.

14 Treasurer

14.1 Balance 1.10.18 £478.58. Income £235. Expenses £170.43. Balance £543.15.

Income includes £140 received from the Walking Partnership.

15 Area Nothing to report.

16 AOB

16.1 BD and CM along with Les Atkinson from Scarborough group were pleased to be invited to attend a Cleveland Way 50th anniversary celebration attended by Princess Anne. The invitation was in recognition of the support provided by the Ramblers to the National Park.

16.2 Meeting dates for 2020 will be 6 April, 3 August and 7 December.

16.3 BD is due to attend the opening of the England Coast Path, North Gare to Newport Bridge, on 18 September at RSPB Saltholme.

16.4 RB attended a Ramblers First Aid course at Heighington village.

17 Next meeting (including AGM) Monday 2 December 2019 at 2pm in Sunnyfield House.


Agenda 2 December 2019

1 Minutes 2 September 2019         10 Local Access Forum

2 Hambleton & Ryedale                 11 Walks

3 Redcar & Cleveland                    12 Membership

4 Easington                                  13 Secretary

5 Hartlepool                                  14 Treasurer

6 Middlesbrough                           15 Area

7 Stockton                                    16 AOB (including allocation of spare funds)

8 Scarborough                               17 Date of next meeting

9 Website