Group Minutes

Committee Meeting of Cleveland Group of The Ramblers

in Sunnyfield House, Guisborough on 6 April 2020 (suspended- created via email)


1 Minutes 2.12.19 have been distributed.

2 Hambleton & Ryedale (Colin Monson 01287 632556)

2.1 Head House, Hartoft (2.1) Having twice indicated that we are unhappy with the proposed PROW diversions, the owner has again asked us to reconsider. This cannot be done by email and will appear as an agenda item at the next committee meeting.

2.2 We objected to an application for erection of a storage building at Atkinson’s Wood Farm, Easby, on the grounds that it would obstruct the public footpath.

2.3 Following our rejection in 2016 of proposals to close and divert PROWs at Ravensthorpe Manor, we have been contacted again by the landowner’s agent to discuss proposed changes which are almost identical to those rejected. We have reluctantly agreed to a site visit which will take place as soon as “social distancing” guidance is relaxed.

3 Redcar & Cleveland (Geoff Watkins 07968 301202)

3.1 Two enquiries/requests from a local resident relating to Birk Brow and Kiltonthorpe have been forwarded to Tony Gordon and acknowledged by him. In early February R&C suffered a criminal cyber attack and the website has only recently been reinstated.

3.2 Rose Cottage (10.3) We had decided to issue a Section 130A notice requiring the opening of FP20/3 and FP17/1. Eugene Suggett has now notified us that Ramblers management have said that all work involving statutory notices of the kind with deadlines must be put on hold until further notice while the coronavirus is putting councils under strain and where there is a question mark over site visits.

4, 5, 6 Easington, Hartlepool, and Middlesbrough (Robert Blackburn 07720 297589)

No report has been received.

7 Stockton (Mike Cherrett 01642 783491)

7.1 (7.1) Blockage of Elton FP2 at Sandy Leas Lane. Obstruction still in place. Emailed ROW Officer at Stockton of requirement to enforce removal of obstruction before 30 April or Ramblers would serve the council with a Section 130A notice.

7.2 Stockton FP27 blocked near Gravel Hole Farm, Billingham, by “Coronavirus warning notice” which is probably illegal. Alerted Council’s ROW Officer. This matter was brought to our attention by the Path Watch report from Ramblers HQ.

8 Scarborough (Bill Dell 01287 637730)

8.1 We did not object to a proposed arboretum at Seaton Hall, Staithes.

9 Website (Bill Dell) The website is updated monthly.

10 Local Access Forum

10.1 Most of the meeting was devoted to an ultimately inconclusive discussion stemming from a request for improved access for motorised wheelchair users in Guisborough Forest.

11 Walks

11.1 Average attendance 16.

12 Membership 277 of whom approximately 30% receive communications by email.

13 Secretary Nothing to report.

14 Treasurer

14.1 Balance 1 10.19 £366.84. Income £314.34. Expenses £ 178.61 Balance £502.57.

14.2 The income above includes £130 from the Walking Partnership, who make any payments due in April and October.

15 Area Nothing to report.

16 AOB

16.1 (16.1) Memorial to David Leyshon. BD has obtained details of a bridge required at Blow Gill, SE529936. The cost would be £2500 and we have £330 available from the Walking Partnership.


17 Next meeting Monday 3 August 2020 at 2pm in Sunnyfield House.

Agenda 6 April 2020

1 Minutes 6 April 2020 10 Local Access Forum

2 Hambleton & Ryedale 11 Walks

3 Redcar & Cleveland 12 Membership

4 Easington 13 Secretary

5 Hartlepool 14 Treasurer

6 Middlesbrough 15 Area

7 Stockton 16 AOB

8 Scarborough 17 Date of next meeting

9 Website