Walk Leaders Information

There are a number of resources available to help, particularly new walk leaders.  Below are some forms you may find useful:

Recce Report Form - click on the link to download a form to document any information about hazards or other information about a recce as a reminder when leading the actual walk

Route Card - click on the link to download a form to document to document the distances and ascent/descents throughout the walk

Walks Submission Form -click on the link to download a form to submit a walk which will collect useful nformation to encourage people to participate in the walk.

Walk Leaders Expenses Form - click on the link to download a form to claim expenses for reccing a walk.  All expenses forms must be submitted to the Treasurer by the end of each Walks Programme.

Grading of Walks

Walk leaders are asked to grade walks in accordance with our local walk grading:


C          Up to 9 miles – little ascent.

C+        7 to 11 miles – up to 300m/1000 ft ascent

B          8 to 11 miles – up to 450m/1500 ft ascent

B+        9 or more miles - over 450m/1500 ft ascent

Walks on the database will also be graded according to the difficulty as defined by National Ramblers - please click here for details

Recce Companions

There are a few people (see list below) in the Group who are more than happy to go out on a recce with anyone who would be interested in leading a walk but don't feel they have enough experience and would like someone else to accompany them on a recce.

Rob Hemsworth email

Brenda Wilson email

Ken Murray email


Further Information

The Ramblers have produced lots of information for Walks Leaders.  To view the information, please click on the link Walk Leader Toolkit.