Some of the quirkier sights from our walks that help to keep us amused during the long, cold winter evenings.


Well that's clear then.


We have discovered who has been passing details of our walks to other groups.


But me no Butts. Wild goats on the approach to Windy Gyle.


You'd be hopping mad if you had missed this view.


Ayup me duck - well we were in Derbyshire.


Ramblers navigation courses are available.


Diverse divers divest discreetly.


Lothian Regional Transport house naming service.


The Fontburn plughole.


Flying fish, (or a sardine can in a tree).


A walk with steam trains, does life get any better?


A wholly/holey/holy* different view of the group. (* Delete which does not apply).


A view of the bird's eye in the rhea view mirror.


The obvious obverse obviously.


The "old" Heritage Way.


The "new" Heritage Way.


Turning over an old leaf.


Well I only asked.


Just occasionally......


.... warning signs should be heeded.


It is possible you see, well done to the farmer.


Crowded beaches again.




Some people just have to be different.


You aint seen me with another group, right.


Keep your head down.


Tree house?