Tyneside Rights of Way Volunteers

The Tyneside Right of Way Volunteers

A footpath maintenance team of volunteers was launched in December 2013 at an Induction day with Northumberland County Council, Countryside Officers held at Bolam Lake Country Park.

We go out on the second Tuesday of every month to walk a modest 5 miles approx. so as to give time for the following activities:

  • Clearance of blockages and obstructions (e.g. vegetation and the like)
  • Record obstructions according to the capacity/capability on the day (e.g. fallen trees, barbed wire, crops in fields)
  • Replacing way marking
  • Surveying for dilapidation of footpath furniture and erosion
  • Reporting contraventions of a right of way
  • First new Waymarker for Heritage Way fixed

  • Written reports are submitted to the relevant Countryside Officer for review, attention and feedback. 

    Right of Way footpaths and bridle-ways in Northumberland, over an area in excess of 500 sq. kilometers, have been walked to date.  

    More recently we have provided support for the Heritage Way initiative in surveying the original route, drafting amendments to the directions and heritage information, and re-walking the route.

    More volunteers are always welcome and for information please contact David Dallow on 0191 285 6740. 

    Email: daviddallow607@btinternet.com