Heritage Way

Tyne and Wear Heritage Way

The Heritage Way has now been walked for several months.  It is encouraging to know that people are interested in walking the route and in learning about our rich historical background.

It has also been very helpful when other Ramblers or members of the public have reported any difficulties they have experienced because we are then in a position to correct thte problem.  

Ramblers' Groups in Northumbria have volunteered to walk the route regularly and to put right problems with overgrown vegetation and missing or damaged waymarks.  The RoW officers in the 7 councils that the route passes through have been most supportive of our efforts and we are grateful for their help.

All maps and  walk directions are downloadable from the website.  However, several people have asked if there is a book covering the route and we are looking into that possibility.. 

Cyclists have also enquired about the doing the Heritage Way but it is a route planned for walkers and, although parts of some sections can be used by cyclists, it would be advisable to consult cycling maps to check which parts of the route would be usable.