Map Library


Joe Rosenburg, the inaugurator and President of Tyneside Group, then Northumbria Area of the Ramblers, passed away in 2003. He bequeathed a sum of money to set up the Tyneside Map Library. This comprised of Pathfinder, Outside Leisure, Explorer and Landranger maps, covering all of our walking area, and places beyond. This was then managed and added to, by Ann Key until her sudden death in 2014. After Ann's death all of her own personal map collection was also added to it. The total collection at the moment is 317. Some, if not most of the maps, do not have open access areas on them, (which does not matter if one is only using public rights of way!). Some, not all, are also laminated.

As the Tyneside Map Library, has not been used very often for some time, and because all of the current Tyneside walk leaders, usually have their own maps, It was agreed by the committee that library should be opened to the whole of the Northumbria Area, in memory of both Joe and Ann, for their great contribution to the Ramblers Association.

Malcolm McVey has volunteered to take Ann's place with full responsibility for the collection, which is still being added to by various retiring members.

Lending Guidelines

Any Northumbria Area member can borrow a map(s), from the catalogue, for as long as they need them, or until someone else requests it/them. The Area will cover the cost of postage outgoing to the members. The member will be responsible for all return postage. The cost of a suitable size envelope is about 20p and postage is £1.17 .

Malcolm McVey will be the administrator. He can be contacted by email, giving their FULL NAME, MEMBERSHIP NUMBER and their PHONE NUMBER and the number/s of the map(s) they wish to borrow. He is happy to give out his home address if anyone wishes to collect and return them in person.

Please click on this link to see the map catalogue.