Training Courses


Northumbria Area Courses 2019

All of our courses are  held out of doors so that course participants experience real conditions.

Course venues are Blanchland, Ingram Valley, Thrunton Woods and could be arranged with the agreement of the Trainer in any other open country to suit the group involved. 

Courses are offered in:-

Navigation:  Basic level, Intermediate level and Advanced level.

                      Night Navigation and Benightment Training.

Field First Aid:  Please note that this course does NOT lead to any certificate.  It is designed to give advice on how to deal with injuries, from minor ones to major ones, that occur when out walking. 

Walk Leadership. Advice on managing a group to promote confidence in all walkers and also to suggest methods of dealing with emergencies.

For details of all courses, visit Training Cameos 2019

 Cost:   £10 per course for Ramblers members.  Northumbria Area subsidises the rest of the cost. Non-members may join the course but must pay the full cost which at present is £40.