It is with much sadness that we have to announce the passing of Alex Staniforth.
The following tribute is written by an ex Nottingham Ramblers' colleague who knew him well . . .

When I first joined the Nottingham Group about twenty years ago Alex Staniforth and his wife Marion were stalwart workers and supporters of the group and active members on the Area Committee and the Ramblers Organisation, this continued in different roles for many years.

He had a wealth of knowledge of countryside management, protection and conservation of footpaths, especially when new road layouts were being planned by county council.

He edited and greatly improved the Area Newsletter, turning it into a popular and readable mini magazine - his energy knew no bounds when it came to extracting 'copy' from you (as I remember well!) for his latest edition.

I have met Marion & Alex locally many times, more so during the lockdown, when we would be pounding the same pavements and parks, they were 'friends' of the local parks.

He looked so fit always wearing his rucksack, I was surprised to hear of his death.

The countryside will miss his care and protection.