Nottingham Ramblers Wednesday Walkers


This will be our 11th year of mid-week walking and we continue to resist the use of cars, preferring to travel by public transport. This allows us to do linear walks and circular walks.

The walks vary in distance and terrain, we aim to be as inclusive as possible. Most of the walks are Grade ‘C’ but we occasionally walk ‘A’ and ‘B’ graded walks but on these treks we attempt to have cut off points where anyone tiring can leave early.

We take packed lunches unless a meal is booked in which case members are informed.  We do not normally stop at a pub or cafe at lunch time but at the end of the walks there is often an opportunity to socialise. This is an individual choice so those that wish can partake.

Our grading of walks is unique to this group allowing individuals the chance to try a new challenge or stick with what they are comfortable with. Anyone requiring advice on the suitability of the walks or further information can ring Trevor 0115 8497499

  • ‘A’ 10+ Miles at a faster pace
  • ‘B’  8+ Miles at a moderate pace
  • ‘C’  6-8 Miles at an easy pace

All of our leaders are competent volunteers who recce all of the walks before taking out a group.  We expect members to respect the leaders and support them on walks.

We have some common sense rules . . .

  • No one walks in front of the leader without asking
  • Anyone who has to stop or leave the group informs the leader
  • Everyone should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather
  • The leader and the Wednesday walks co-ordinator have the right to advise someone not to walk if we consider they are not fit enough to complete the walk.