Recent walks

Here are some reports of our recent walks. Do come and join us!

Leominster - 10th Augusy 2022

We left Leominster via the attractive and less visited way behind the Priory and crossed the bridge over the railway to make our way across fields. We followed an interesting feature that felt like a dyke until we reached the A49. We descended to the outer grounds of Berrington Hall where we walked through their woodland and down to the restored pool. Crossing the A49 we made our way up an overgrown path to a delightful way along the edge of a woodland and back to Leominster. Happily we found loads of shade and plenty of water breaks on one of the hot days.

Moelfre - 13th July 2022

We met on Llanbister common and passed Moelfre City as we ascended the common land covering half a dozen hills, none arduous, all remote. We had stunning views of the distant hills and fields, a terrific siting of horses and beautiful sunshine to accompany us on this delightful walk.

Great rhos - 9th July 2022

On a warm Saturday Helen led us up the Great Rhos. After a gentle beginning winding around the hill we ascended steeply to the Great Rhos with clear views of Cader Idris to the north and the Brecon Beacons to the south. As Sheila had forgotten her sun hat, Mags devised a creative leaf hat that made her look like a sprite, but was surprisingly effective and cool.

Woolhope - 6th July 2022

Starting  at Woolhope Community Centre we walked across meadows to Canwood Sculpture Park where we admired the variety of sculptures scattered across meadowland rich with daisies. From there we walked through delightful Haugh Wood to Mordiford with its new Dragon Trail. We were led by Marjorie, one of the Dragoneers, who initiated this creative village venture telling the story of Mordiford’s own dragon through statues and information boards. From the trail we walked meadows and fields to return.

Hardwick to Cusop - 1st June 2022

We started at Hardwick Church and walked up along delightful paths on the woodland edge until we reached Cusop church where we admired the ancient yews. We returned along fabulous meadows which, without paths, sometimes made for difficult walking.

Felindre - 8th June 2022

Parking at Felindre Village Hall we walked up via Glyndwr’s Way, in glorious green hills. We circled the turbines of Garreg Lywd windfarm. As we ate our picnic sandwiches we watched the shadows of the moving blades, which looked like a sea creature’s tentacles.

Lingen- 1st June 2022

On a lovely walking day (not too cold, not too hot) we headed up a beautiful valley, climbing steadily until we reached the trig point at Harley’s Mountain with the preparations for the Queen’s Jubilee starting the next day with a toposcope pointing to the local sites, a marquee for barbecue and events and a huge pile of timber for the beacon fire. We walked back down, stopping for lunch with a tremendous view of Presteigne and hills, to return via a pleasant lane taking us to Noisy Hall and the final path back to Lingen.

Hope Bowdler hill - 11th May 2022

Eight of us set off from Church Stretton on a rainy morning, but the kindly spring rain offered atmospheric views. We were charmed by the incredible display of wild garlic and bluebells growing up the hill beneath a broadleaf canopy. And then we came to the unmanned kiosk where we could buy hot or cold snacks with our contactless cards! And then we heard the cuckoo in three different places. By lunchtime it was sunny and beautiful, just in time for our adventure through more bluebell woods. We held onto a rope on the slippery downward path.

Llanyre -7th May 2022

On a lovely warm day we made our way up to the beacon above Llanyre where we had marvellous views. Pen y Fan was clearly visible. We descended through a large forested area and came out to a lane where we guided two lambs on the wrong side of the fence back to mum. Soon we arrived at the ancient lake with several fishermen. We watched them catching silvery fish while we ate our picnics. Then around the hills and back to Llandod.

First mountian pansy (viola lutea)!

Whitton and ODP -27th April 2022

We walked along the River Lugg to the Motte and Bailey where we crossed to Pilleth. We ascended the track behind the church and stopped for an idyllic coffee overlooking the valley. We continued up an old way and then down and up to Rhos-y-Meirch where we joined Offa’s Dyke Path to return to Whitton. We had a special stop at Tranquility Haven in Whitton where the owner, Val, opened up for us to have a wander round the Japanese bridges, remarkable landscaping and planting.

Old Radnor - 20th April 2022

Our Wednesday walk from The Harp in Old Radnor was a varied delight, starting with masses of celandines and wood anemones after making our way through Gore quarry on clearly marked ways. We walked across the Radnor Valley, through Siluria, and up to the Smatcher with 360 degree views including Harley’s Dingle. Walking around the hill we had further views of New Radnor. When we arrived back we called in at historic St Stephens and then sat down at The Harp to lovely tea and cake in glorious sunshine.

Mortimer Trail - 13th April 2022

Almost a record turnout - 26 walkers! From the Titley village hall we followed the Mortimer Trail over Wapley Hill iron age hill fort (elevenses time!). Then a delightful trail with good views over Herefordshire. First bluebells appearing, with primroses, violas, anenomes, veronica and ladys slippers. Eventually turning back on well marked footpaths.

Bucknell woods - 6th April 2022

Fourteen of us started our walk in the rain, but happily when we stopped for coffee a kindly woodworker at Bedstone opened his large barn for us. The rain was heaviest while we were taking shelter. The weather improved as we entered the Bucknell Woods. We had our picnic lunch on the high point, Titterhill, while we watched a ‘lumberjack’ fell, strip and stack a row of trees in the thinning process. As we descended we were met by fine views of surrounding hills and valleys in the sun.

Black Hill from Felindre - 30th March 2022

We ascended Beacon Hill on Glyndwr’s Way. It was amazingly dry underfoot with loads of birdsong on the Common. Some even heard the Curlew. The way was marked by a deeply rutted track in places, but no mud. We circled Black Hill just below the trig point to return on a fine, dry stroll with one wet little pool crowded with tadpoles.

Painscastle - 23rd March 2022

Eighteen (later to be nineteen for a time!) walkers joined at the common near Painscastle for a glorious walk in warm sunshine. We wandered  all over common land; every step had a grand view of hills, valleys, streams. We circled  Red Hill and picniced by a gentle steam near Doctor’s Pool.

Water-break-its-neck - 19th March 2022

This walk was cancelled in January when storm Eunice was on us, but on Saturday we tried again. Eighteen walkers joined at Water-break-its-neck to walk over the hills behind and then down and back up a wonderful gorge to the remote top where we did a bit of yomping over tussocks to finally return down Davey Morgan's Dingle and the Warren Trail back. We had bright sunshine all day with a fierce wind, adding some difficulty.

Tenbury - 2nd March 2022

We were surprised at the good turnout on a grey and rainy day. The weather, however was kindly; just a drizzly rain that finally ceased after lunch. We made our way following the River Teme, walking through the massive Frank Matthews nurseries with rows and rows of pots of bare root fruit trees. We passed the enigmatic and huge St Michael’s with its school, now looking almost deserted.

Stiperstones - 16th February 2022

We walked along the Stiperstones ridge in a gusting wind until we turned down the northwest side to the valley below, passing a quirky wall. We followed a woodland path around Green Hill and Oak Hill and then back up. Soon the rain and wind began and we were in for storm Dudley the rest of the way back, following a lane, crossing a muddy field, and then walking the lane back to the carpark.

Caer Caradoc & The Lawley - 9th February 2022

On a clear, bright morning we ascended Caer Caradoc, using footsteps carved by other walkers’ footprints. At the top we had coffee within the fortress of Caeradoc. As we walked along the top and slowly descended we were amazed at the views of Church Stretton and the Stretton Hills. We followed the muddy track below the hill a shoulder and return to our cars. None of the 18 wanted to stop here so we made the ascent of the Lawley, another 250 metres and again we were stunned by the tremendous views, even down to the Wrekin. The descent is much simpler as we made our way along the full length of the Lawley down to an even muddier track to return. Eight miles and close to 700 metres (1900 feet) of ascent.

Clun - 5th February 2022

Starting from Clun we walked up to Guilden Down and then down to Colstey Wood with its new, well-built houses. We walked up again for a pleasant lunch stoop in the trees. We passed the charming, inaccessible cottage of Brynsquilver, then down to cross the main road. With lovely views back we made our way to the Cefn Ridge where we climbed many solid stiles to return via the Shropshire Way as it followed the River Clun back. A lovely walk in decent weather on a day with a dodgy forecast.

Lingen - 2nd February 2022

From Lingen and walked up a beautiful valley to a steep, short ascent to the top where we followed a remote lane. We  turned down to woodland leading to Noisy Hall. A  steep ascent led us to the toposcope where we had our picnics while identifying hills and villages. We descended via Kinsham Hall with its snowdrops and glorious Redwood to follow the River Lugg along pleasant meadows to Limebrook and back to Lingen.

Stretton Sugwas - 26th January 2022

We walked from Stretton Sugwas in the morning sun to a lake formed from gravel pits.  It was a beautiful, large lake with hundreds of birds, a haven for bird watchers. From there we made our way across fields to Breinton, along the Wye. It was a pleasant rural place with a marvellous old church where we sat in the churchyard for our picnics. Then we were surprised by the hills.During the day we spotted daffodils in full bloom in January, and our first snowdrops.

Radnor Forest - 19th January 2022

Although everyone left their homes in bright sunshine, some saw a dramatic rainbow enroute, but by the time we arrived there was rain and mist. Happily within a short time of walking the weather cleared for a bright day with stunning views in an area of the Radnor Forest that many had never walked. We crossed the brook over Cwm-y-gerwyn and circled around pastures and back to woodland, finishing by an observatory built for the pipeline.

Yarpole - 12th January 2022

What a glorious winter’s day we had covering a large part of Bircher Common. We crossed into the Croft Castle woodland and up to the Ambrey with stunning views down the Wigmore valley. A bit of mud on the tracks didn’t deter us from circling the whole of Croft Castle grounds to admire the ancient sweet chestnut trees and oaks. We descended into Fishpools Valley with marvellous reflections in the pools on such a still day.

Aymestry - 5th January 2022

We ascended the hills behind Aymestry on an interesting track with handrail. At the top we walked along a narrow woodland to enter into open fields on a bright  winter morning. We clambered over many recently downed trees on the track crossing Shobdon Hill. After descending to a long trackway we made our way gingerly down a muddy path to the Lye valley with its very pleasant path on the other side where we soon passed a remarkable walled garden.

Almeley - 22nd December 2021

We spent the shortest day of the year wrapped up well against the cold. We started in the village of Almeley and wandered across pleasant fields, down green ways and along small lanes to pass through the other small villages of Meer and Woonton with timber frame houses. As the day progressed the grey skiy brightened enough for outline views of Hay Bluff. We ended with a pre-Christmas drink at The Bells.