Footpath Problems


Infomation for Walk Leaders or anyone encountering a problem on a Public Right of Way

All problems that cause serious difficulty in accessing a path, eg disruption by ploughing and cropping, missing footbridges, obstructions, missing signs, overgrown paths , closures  or broken stiles, should be reported to Shropshire Council

If possible:

  • identify the 6 figure grid Reference of the location
  • identify the route number * 
  • Location description
  • Nearest village or parish
  • Brief description of the problem or issue
  • Date when encountered
  • If possible, attach a couple of photos

Use the attached  link to access the rights of way form .Please select e mail as your chosen method of communication and remember that within any subsequent email you have the opportunity to attach a photo.

Please forward  the Councils response onto Neil Mosley (Email Link) to keep him abreast of the issue. If there are supporting photos , these can be added to the forwarded email to Neil to ensure his information is as extensive as possible.

After submitting the form, you will receive the following message

 * to obtain a route number for the path, use this link to Shropshire Greatoutdoors on-line mapping tool. Use the left hand box to click on Rights of Way, zoom in to show OS features. Then use a left mouse click on the path until an information box appears..

Shropshire Council published a bulletin on the 30th April 2018 detailing the process for recording. rights of way issues. The bulletin can be viewed here.

The Ramblers procedure is aligned with this procedure.

The full Shrewsbury Ramblers Group procedure can be viewed here.

If you have been walking in Powys and want to raise a footpath issue this is the link to follow. Neil Mosley does not have to be kept in the loop.