Progress Report Shrewsbury P3 Group – Peter Knight

Shrewsbury’s Parish Paths Partnership group (P3) with the support of the county council have been busy during the past 4 months, mainly working in the Church Stretton area.

We spent some time at Goughs Coppice just east of Church Stretton completing the second 35 of 70 steps on a particularly steep and sometimes muddy slope.

Overall the P3 team have installed 4 stiles & 8 gates, 35 steps and 8 waymarker posts. We have also cleared 450 metres and hardcored 150 metres of footpath.

One particularly satisfying job in the Radbrook area of Shrewsbury, was to clear and hardcore 150 metres of extremely muddy and overgrown path. Apart from being local to home, the path (at least the field beside the path) is very well used by walkers, dog walkers, and Walking for Health groups.

Now walkers can avoid the need for wellington boots on this walk.