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Telford & Wrekin Rights of Way Consultation Response

Part of the Ramblers mission is to protect and enhance our rights of way network. An up-to-date Definitive Map of every recorded right of way and its status in a Local Authority (footpath, bridleway, restricted byway, byway open to all traffic) is crucial to this work. The good news is an up to date draft Definitive Map for Telford and Wrekin is now available to view online.  Whilst we are pleased at this progress, many members have said that they believe the map is still not yet fit for purpose and the Council accept that there are still errors and omissions to be corrected, so we still have a long way to go.

However, it should be remembered that the Definitive Map is only a ‘minimum statement’ of the recorded rights of ways. There are many unrecorded rights of way still to be added to the map or to have their status changed, this is achieved by making a Definitive Map Modification Order application (DMMO). It was late last year, that Paula Doherty, our Footpaths Secretary, became aware that Telford & Wrekin Council would be putting out to consultation a new Policy and Guidance document for the processing of DMMO’s. The consultation would also include a new way of categorising and prioritising public rights of way. This consultation is now available on the Council’s website. Working with other colleagues in Telford and East Shropshire and Shropshire Ramblers, Paula has written a detailed response on our behalf  both as general comment in the form of a letterand on the formal response form.

If members wish to view the original  Telford and Wrekin consulation documents they are available on the Council website.

The response to this consulation is likely to give rise to further discussions. If any member wants to comment on the draft Definitive Map as it relates to paths in their own part of the Loacl Authority or about priorities for maintaining rights of way in Telford and Wrekin please contact Paula or talk to one of our committee.