Local Campaigns

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We campaign for better public access to our outdoor spaces and countryside.

We help local people claim 'lost ways'footpaths that have not been recorded on the rights of way map

We have just completed a new 50 mile path to link Telford's green spaces to celebrate Telford's 50th anniversary, the T50 50 Mile Trail. This is now waymarked in both directions and we have just published a guidebook, written by our Group Chair.

We encourage walkers to report path problems and follow them up with our local councils.

We have been campaigning for new public rights of way and access to and across the huge  Ironbridge Power Station Site .

We have responded to recent Telford & Wrekin Council's public consultation on a new policy for Public Rights of Way.

We are seeking improvements to the new draft Definitive Map of our local rights of way.

There is more about all of these local campaigns in latest newsletters and on our own website.

As a result of our campaign for acccess to the power station site TES Ramblers  Chair was invited to a consultation meeting end of September 2018 with the new owners and planners prior to the site's redevlopment plans being drawn up. In January 2019 our Group Chair spoke to the Chair of the Telford Local Access Forum and addressed the Shropshire Council Great Outdoors Strategy Board about sending a joint letter to request a meeting to discuss new public paths, cycleways and bridleways across the site and how making the estate more 'walker friendly' could benefit both the developers and the local community economically and socially. This initiative won praise and support in the lcoal press. The letter was sent at the end of March and we organised a detailed private meeting with the developers in May 2019 we with the Chairs of Shropshire Council Strategy Board and Telford & Wrekin Local Access Forum and the  Shropshire Council Rights of Way and Economic Development Senior Officers, to discuss public rights of way and making the new devlopment a walker and cyclist friendly site for its new residents as well as visitors. The new plannning application has now been received by Shropshire Council. We made detailed comments on this application in Spring 2020. Revised plans were submitted in Septemeber 2020 and we are pleased to see that most of our proposals seem to have been taken on board with new rights of way and both bridges over the Severn being retained for non vehicular use in one case (walkers, cyclists and equestrians only) and the other for these groups and public transport only. However, we still have concerns about whether all these new routes will be designated as Bridleway PROWs and placed on the Definitive Map and whether there will be suitable access points from the all new routes to the public roads and footways around the new housing estates and the need for a non vehicle route through the main site alongside the rail line. We also have concerns about the extraction of minreals on the site. Our Chair sent a long and detailed commentary on the planning application to the Council which can be viewed by the general public on the Council website. For more information on this issue please visit the campaigns tab on our own local website and follow the links to the relevant planning documents. We will discuss and respond and publish our response asap once agreed with our colleagues at Shropshire Area as their Footpaths Officer is the Statutory Consultee for all planning applications the County.

When the power station is decommisioned and the cooling towers demolished new rights of way here would open up some of the best riverside walking in Shropshire to the public. A new route along the south bank of the Severn would  create a much needed continuous through route from Coalport, Jackfield and Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site to Buildwas Abbey.  It would help link these  and other local towns and villages by foot, cycle and horseback.