Contact the Committee


The officers and members of Oswestry Ramblers Group Committee are:

Chair - Lorna Gwilliam. Email

Vice-Chair - Peter Danby. Email

Secretary - Jackie Knight. Email

Treasurer - Pat Harper. Email

Membership - Colin Chandler. Email

Sunday Walks - Diane Smith. Email

Thursday Walks - Ceinwen Danby. Email

Press and Publicity - Peter Danby. Email

Publishing - Jane Hadlow. Email

Footpaths - Chris Jenkins. Email

Footpaths, P3 co-ordinator - Peter Carr (Shrop Area). Email

Local Webpage editor - Maggie Hill. Email

Social secretary - Barbara Pryce-Jones

Area Council reps - Colin Chandler, Bob Kimber. 

Committee member - Diane Gray

Walking environment - Chris Jenkins