Problems with a footpath? NEW - footpaths blocked by crops campaign

oil seed rape blockage.jpg



With spring approaching, it's important to make sure that our footpaths can be used and are not blocked by crops.  We will be taking part in a campaign this spring to record and report this type of problem to Shropshire Council.

We are asking all walkers to record places where footpaths have not been reinstated after crops have been sown. Paths that run on a field edge must not be cultivated and cross-field paths must be re-instated after ploughing and sowing. Cross-field footpaths should be minimum 1m wide and bridleways 2m wide.  Field edge footpaths should be minimum 1.5m wide and bridleways 3m wide.

If you find a place where the footpath is unusable because of crops, please report this with location and date to Peter Carr by email  A photo of the problem is helpful.  More details of what is required and the legal position are available here.



Reporting problems means that improvements can be made

Examples of footpath problems are:

  • signposts or waymarks are poor or missing
  • notices are misleading
  • stiles, gates and bridges are in poor or dangerous condition, cannot be used or are missing
  • footpath is blocked by trees, undergrowth, fences or by aggressive dogs
  • line of the footpath has not been cleared through crops

For a problem in Oswestry area, please email

For a problem in Shropshire, please report  via the Shropshire Council website  and copy the information by email to our Ramblers Area footpath secretary 

For a problem in Powys please report via the Council website or by email to

For a problem in Wrexham, please report via the Council website

For a problem in Denbighshire, please report via the Council website