Rail Rambles

Rail Rambles

Rail Rambles enable people to enjoy walking in Mid Wales & The Marches without having to use a car. They’re open to everyone – there is no charge and no need to be a member of any organisation.

Rail rambles included in our programme are from Shrewsbury station. Turn up at the station in time to get a Return ticket for the train indicated. You can also join the group at intermediate stations.

The Grading system used for Rail Rambles is as follows:
Strenuous: Steeper climbs and/or a fast pace due to mileage and/or the return train time.
Moderate: Some steep paths and a steady pace
Leisurely: Gentle climbs and some level ground
Easy: Mostly level and at a gentle pace.

Please note that leaders may refuse anyone who, in their opinion, has unsuitable footwear.

For more information see http://www.railrambles.org/