Using PlotaRoute


PlotaRoute is a great free tool for planning walks. You can either:

  • Plot your route on OSM maps, check mileage and walk profile
  • Download routes from the PlotaRoute library.
  • Download routes from the bottom of our Walks Index.

NB Layout above has been slightly altered.

Quick Start instructions:

  • go to and click Search
  • In the Search box at the top, enter a place name near where you want to search or plot eg Hathersage. A list of routes will appear.
  • You can filter results using dropdown box under Find, eg walking only, distance.
  • click on a route, then either select it to download, print or edit OR clear the list panel on the left to plot your own
  • At the top Set AutoPlot to On Foot, Map Type to Paths to get a walking map.
  • Pan (hold left button) and zoom to find your walk starting point. Click here (point A)
  • Click on paths en route to plot your walk. Route should follow the paths.
  • Use Undo (bottom R) to correct errors.
  • Click Folder bottom L to see Plotting and Editing functions
  • When finished Save (bottom R) your route.
  • Click Hills to see walk profile and feet of ascent.

To view our routes from Walks Index (see link above):

  • Click on the name of the route you wish to use
  • It will open showing a map; key route data; boxes to download, print or Edit in Routeplanner; and a profile of route.
  • If you choose to edit in Routeplanner, proceed as above, but please don't overwrite if you save. Remember to change the map type to Paths.

If you want to use any of the walks in the Metro programme, please ask the owner of the route whether they have any objections, eg they are planning to use it themselves.

Under Find heading you can search for other walks in the map area. Or under More you can also Browse public routes (use Filter to find a town near the area), plus Help Tutorials. If you get stuck try contacting John Wadsworth for help.