Group name: Stone

This group is a part of Staffordshire Area.

Our activities include:
Path maintenance, Short and easy walks

'A warm welcome is extended to ALL to join our walks and events. Please contact the Leader/Organiser to check the details and let them know that you would like to come. If not already a member, joining the Ramblers Association will enable you to receive regular programme updates and enjoy the other benefits of membership.'

Terry Tomasik, Chairman

Stone Ramblers is a very sociable club with some 200 plus members of whom some 80 are active walkers with the group. The others support the Ramblers Association for the work it carries out in support of the footpath network and walkers.

We walk in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Peak District and special events in other areas. All information can be found  We organise 3 or 4 walks a week and have from 5 to 30 walkers turn out depending on the walking distance, travelling distance and difficulty.

We welcome new members, please come along and see if you like our walks. We only ask that you wear strong footwear that you do not mind getting wet or very muddy and that you carry the appropriate amount of food and drink and wet weather gear.

Our monthly programme is shown on our website and is on display in the Town High Street. Please contact the walk leader about an individual walk and let him or her know you are coming so that we can look out for you. Come along and see what we are like!


Please use the following link to see our Members' Handbook

The group has also produced two publications, STONE CIRCLES, now on its second edition, and an older publication, WALKS AROUND STONE, has just been re-issued. You can purchase these from Stone Library, and a number of other outlets. Three Stone Doorstep Walk leaflets are available free from Stone Ramblers.


Happy Walking!

Walking for Health

In addition to the Stone Ramblers walks detailed on this web site Walking for Health is a regular programme of walks that provide a friendly, safe environment to encourage people to walk to improve their health. It is designed to encourage walking for beginners, persons recovering from operations, people who have difficulty with longer distances, and those who want a very supportive group to walk with. The Stone Walking for Health group meets on Tuesdays at 10:15am at Westbridge Park canoe club car park.

Chairman's welcome