Winter 2020-21 Programme

Walk leaders for main and leisurely walks should select the date(s) on which they want to lead walks from the list below.  If you are choosing a new date for a walk which was cancelled due to the weather or the pandemic all you need to do is e-mail the group using this link specifying the walk and new date.  If you are offering a different walk just e-mail us the date you want.  We will send you a confirmation e-mail with a copy of the walk details form attached for you to fill in and return.  If you can't supply the details of the walk straight away we would appreciate it if you could supply them by the scheduled date of the walk leaders' meeting, Tuesday August 4th.

Main walks (8 to 10 miles)

Saturday 28 November

Sunday 13 December

Sunday 27 December

Sunday 10 January

Leisurely Walks (6 to 8 miles)

Sunday 25 October

Sunday 8 November

Sunday 22 November

Sunday 17 January

Sunday 31 January

Sunday 14 February

Sunday 14 March (Mothering Sunday)

Sunday 28 March

Short Saturday Walks (4 to 5 miles)

The current plan for these walks is to postpone all the walks due to take place during the suspension of Ramblers activity by 26 weeks, as follows:

4 April to 3 October

18 April to 17 October

2 May to 31 October

16 May to 14 November

30 May to 28 November

13 June to 12 December.

Any walk leader who cannot lead on the revised date should contact Tracey as soon as possible.